Tax calculated on Price inclusive of Tax

Hi greetings!
While creating a product, I had selected Selling Price Tax inclusive, however, when I go to prepare an order/invoice tax is calculated on the product again. When I select the products TAB the list of product on the right hand side shows Net of Tax.
I have attached tax setup screen shot for reference.
I tried searching this forum for a solution but could not find one. I will appreciate if anyone can help me on this.

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I wish someone replied to this issue.

Net of Tax means without tax! lolss I know its confusing.
Choose inc tax or VAT whichever is showing
:laugh: :laugh:

The issue is not with understanding what Inc. & Net is.
It is more to do with tax settings which I am unable to get it right.
While creating a product, Selling prices are set to Inc of Tax. But while generating orders, Tax is again calculated automatically on Selling Price inclusive of Tax. For. e.g.

SP Incl ($100)
While creating order/invoice price shows ($100+Tax)
It should be Net Price+Tax = Total.