The Code field must contain a numerical value

I am trying to install Dolibarr 10.0.1
I have started with Accounting, but when trying to decree an accounting plan model, I receive an error: “The Code field must contain a numerical value”
Can anyone help me with this?
I have no idea what field you mean?

Can you provide a screenshot ?

This is a bug, I have this same issue. The error is been given to the country field… I had to create the chart of account model using the database via phpadmin and USA had a Code 11

Eldy! When you go to Setup - Chart of accounts models
You add the

Chart of accounts models | Label | Country
TESTUSA | Test Chart|. US (United States)

Problem is that when you choose US and save it gives that error in a read alert box…

it’s a bug and here is a walk around

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This bug has been fixed for 10.0.2