To development CRM using Dolibarr

Hello Everybody!
I hope you are going well.
Now I am going to CRM project using Dolibarr, but I am new to Dolibarr so I need your help or any learning link is okay for me.

My first step is to create a hierarchy of users.

But I can’t creat it.

Please help me.


I think you could start with wiki .
And you could follow the link to figure out how to create a user and define permissions .

Sorry for my bothering you.
Could you tell me how can I make this hierarchy of users?
Thank you

In the (internal) user information page is a field for setting a superior. If you set this appropriately for your business/organisation, that hierarchy gets created automatically from that.

But there is any full document for the beginners?
I will be happy for your response.

That’s correct for the hierarchy of users. I got.
Thank you very much

I think video tutorials are here for beginners : Video Tutorial Dolibarr
and additonaly the wiki.

If it is not enough you have books : The Dolibarr User & Admin Book (English)