Track individual item with Lot serial number

While creating stock against a product after enabling ‘Lot serial number’ - Is there a way to include unique serial numbers against each product in stock.

For example I have created a product called Laptop (with enabling ‘Lot serial number’). If I create stock for 20 units against this product, how can I assign serial number against each 20 individual laptops



do you mean how to input your serials at purcahse order/receive items?

You must enter your first serial - and set the quantity (to 1) and cklick on the button beside,
than you get the next line:

Thanks for your reply

Not against Purchase order

If we create the stock to 20 numbers against a product say laptop, is there a way to indentify each individual laptops


do you mean more than one serial number for one product?
Maybe vendor serial no. and your own serial no. …?

I understood now. While clicking despatch we need to give the Sn. as in the screen shot. Please confirm if this is correct


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My need is somewhat different but still on the product lots/serial.
How can I use one serial for a shipment of same product supplied at the same time.

For instance, a shipment of drugs supplied by the manufacturer. This so I can track the expiry date of the bulk once.