Trigger created in MySQL database is not fired by Dolibarr operation

I have created a trigger (AFTER UPDATE) in MySQL database to UPDATE my invoicedue-date (date_lim_reglement, in table _facture) with the actual delivery date (namely eta, in the table _expedition_extrafield).

In phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench, I tested the trigger by directly changing the eta. The date_lim_reglement (invoice due date) is updated correctly. The trigger looks correct.

However, once I turned back to Dolibarr and update the eta in Expedition card, no updates take place to the invoice due-date. Obviously, the update function is Dolibarr coding does not fire the trigger defined in MySQL database.

Has anyone got the same issue? How did you resolve it?

I googled but have not found a sound solution. As per MySQL Trigger not working in PHP - Stack Overflow, it requires to
(or don’t turn on STRICT_TRANS_TABLES).
If this is the correct way, where can I put this code?

Thanks in advance.