Trouble: see module ina top menu with an external.

Hello everybody,

For my new Module, I created a tab in the top menu. I wish this tab to be availaible for external user.

My tab is visible for Internal Users, but no way for external’s ones.

We can call the module with it’s URL and the rights are OK (User see only his data)

How can I do that ?

Thanks for all !

Go into menu editor and check that menu entry has value “All” into entry “menu for users”

Hi, and thanks for your reply.

It’s allready selected :confused:

in attached image file, a screen-shoot (sorry it’s in french), i didn’t see you were Laurent so that’s not a problem :wink:


When am going in the “User permission” tab in the user details, I can’t see my module.

here is a Screen Capture in order to see


here is the github :

If someone have an idea :happy:

Alternatively, I’ll release it with a left menu for the user…

clicordi wrote:

Sorry, wrong screenshot

Good one is attached to this post (I can’t EDIT my own posts, so sorry for multiple posts.

here is the good one: