Unable to upgrade from ver 15 to ver 16

i’m trying to upgrade dolibarr installation from ver 15 to ver 16.0.3
after i downloaded .deb file i tried to install it using gdebi didn’t show anything i tried software install but i keep getting file failed to install not supported
doesn’t support zst unknown compression for member
please help


A quick search?

Hi ksar,
thank you for your reply, is this mean Dolibarr new versions will work only on ubuntu? and every time i need to upgrade i have to run your proposed workaround?


Until someone propose a better FIX, yes.

Thank you very much

For upgrading only you don’t need to install the entire deb package. Just copy needed files into your www/html/dolibarr/… directory. Dolibarr will automatically detect and bring you to the update page.
Please make sure to rename the “install.lock” file in the documents folder.

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Thank you Kim for sharing this solution, I’ll try it at the next update

let me know and I can assist.

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hello kim are still up here ? i have a question please

sorry, wasn’t online for a while. let me know your question