Unknown column ‘x’ in ‘field list’

Can you help please i just create a custom module in dolibarr with module builder and added some custom fields inside the object tab and then when i try to access to the list tab in the left menu of my custom module i get this error : Dolibarr has detected a technical error.
This information can be useful for diagnostic purposes (you can set option $dolibarr_main_prod to ‘1’ to hide sensitive information):
Date: 20240228180109
Dolibarr: 18.0.4 - https://www.dolibarr.org
Level of features: 0
PHP: 8.0.30
Server: Apache/2.4.58 (Win64) OpenSSL/3.1.3 PHP/8.0.30
OS: Windows NT DESKTOP-P6G557I 10.0 build 19045 (Windows 10) AMD64
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Requested URL: /dolibarr/htdocs/custom/mission/mission_list.php?idmenu=52&mainmenu=mission&leftmenu=
Referer: http://localhost/dolibarr/htdocs/custom/mission/mission_card.php?action=create&idmenu=49&mainmenu=mission&leftmenu=
Menu manager: eldy_menu.php

Modules/Applications: user, syslog, export, fckeditor, import, consultants, societe, salaries, mission, modulebuilder, propal, facture, fournisseur, supplier_proposal
Database type manager: mysqli
Latest database access request error: SELECT t.rowid,t.ref,t.label,t.amount,t.qty,t.fk_soc,t.test,t.fk_project,t.description,t.note_public,t.note_private,t.date_creation,t.tms,t.fk_user_creat,t.fk_user_modif,t.last_main_doc,t.import_key,t.model_pdf,t.status FROM llx_mission_mission as t WHERE 1 = 1 ORDER BY t.rowid ASC LIMIT 21
Return code for latest database access request error: DB_ERROR_NOSUCHFIELD
Information for latest database access request error: Unknown column ‘t.test’ in ‘field list’

Hi @anasrayadi the error is obvious “Unknown column ‘t.test’ in ‘field list’”

If “test” is a field you want, add it to the llx_mission_mission through the object tab of modulebuilder.
If not search your code, probably your class and remove any reference of test field.

I solved the problem thanks