Upgrade dolibarr 6.0.0 to 9.0.3

Hi all,

I use for a long time the 6.0.0 version of dolibarr, I want to upgrade to the last version.
I have copy all file with FileZila in my dolibarr folder, I have deleted the install.lock file , and the upgrade don’t work, he offer me the upgrade to the 6.0.0 version :blink:

It’s possible to switch from 6 to 9 directly or I have to upgrade all major release ?

Thanks for your help in advance !

Run the upgrade to 6.0. Then the upgrade will offer you after to upgrade to 7, then to 8, etc…

Hi eldy !

Thanks for your fast answer ! I’m allready in 6.0.0, I can’t upgrade to 6.0.0 ?
I think I have understood the solution, I have to upgrade major update one by one to the last version ?


Most probably with filezilla you upload the 9.0.3 with a wrong folder scheme.
Did fillezilla ask you to overwrite files ? If not you put the files in the wrong directory.

Hi Ksar

I have copy the dolibarr-9.0.3\htdocs to the root of dolibar folder on my FTP.
You have probably right, it’s not the good way ?


I can not help you if you do not provide more information.
Could you make print screens of the directory ?
Did fillezilla ask you to overwrite files ?