Use dolibarr offline with a cloud backup

Hello everyone,

I am a first time user of dolibarr, and I am trying to set it up in my office.
We have 3 desktop computers connected on a LAN network with internet access.
My plan is to install doliwamp on the LAN network. ( I still don’t know how but there is a documentation for it I can hopefully complete).

However, I would like to subscribe in Dolicloud and sync my data daily to keep a copy on the cloud so that I can access it when im away.

Is there a way to sync the files daily without backing up everything? Because internet here is slow and I would like to rely on my LAN and keep a synced copy on the cloud.

I found this documentation

which helps me backup everything to the cloud. but this gets slow when my files get larger and the internet is slow.

Any assistance would be appreciated

Also, I forgot to say that I am using windows on all my computers.


It is not possible by default, and Doliwamp and Dolicloud is not the solution I’m afraid.

Localy I would recommand you to install Dolibarr without doliwamp on a local server. If it is based on windows, use that :
Then on your local serveur you need to write a script that create a dolibarr backup and send it to a webhosting by ftp every night for exemple.
On your webhosting, install dolibarr and create a script that import the backup made localy

I would say that it is quiet “hard” to do, and I’m not sure that you will be able to put all that working.

My recommandation will be :

  1. Buy a small serveur (it could be a raspberry pi), where you install dolibarr without a daliy backup.
  2. put this small serveur accessible from the outside with your internet connexion. So you will be able to access to your Dolibarr from anywhere.

Hi Ksar,

Thank you for your help.
I can find someone who can help me write the backup script.
But I believe it will become difficult once my backup files become larger and larger. Am i right? or there is a sync option that can be done rather than full backup?

About the other option (Raspberry Pi).
Could be one of my three available pcs? I make one PC accessible from the internet and store the files on it, and the other 2 pcs connect through LAN…

Thank you

I do not know a sync mechanism

Yes it could be, but need to be ON 24h/24h