User Sessions not working on newly installed Dolibarr 12.0.3

I newly installed a Dollibar 12.0.3 in apache server as per the instructions from Dolibarr. Everything went smoothly.
However, I noticed that I am not able to view user sessions in dolibarr. It shows an error message,
“Your PHP configuration seems to not allow listing of active sessions. The directory used to save sessions () may be protected (for example by OS permissions or by PHP directive open_basedir).”

Which is the directory used by dolibarr for saving sessions on windows 10?

I fixed this issue.
Edit your php.ini file.
session.save_path = “C:\dolibarr\tmp”

  1. Create C:\dolibarr\tmp.
  2. Go to properties of dolibarr folder and uncheck ‘Read Only’ and apply to sub dir and files.
  3. Clear cache and cookies of your browser.