Using import module to import products - does not show Available Formats

I have a spreadsheet with all the products I wish to import in cdv or excel format, using dolibar13 when I use the import module the available formats is not populated.

I am not clear of how to populate these formats, the documentation shows

File import must have one of the following formats
Excel 2007

These do not show in my system how do I create formats?

I found this bug report


That suggests I comment out the line “$dolibarr_lib_PHPEXCEL_PATH=‘disabled’;” line in Dolibarr’s config.php

I can find the conf.php rather than the config.php file and this does not contain the line above to be commented out.


You should have a conf.php file in the conf folder.

I have found the the conf.php folder

I can not see a line “$dolibarr_lib_PHPEXCEL_PATH=‘disabled’;” to comment it out so I assume this is not the solution, if phpexcel module is depreciated does this mean I have to somehow install the phpspreadsheet and then tell dolibar to use that. I am using Centos 7 with Dolibar 13

I have 900 products to enter, we could do this manually I suppose.


No everything comes with Dolibarr, you don’t need to install external libraries.
If you have nothing it comes from something else.

Have a look on apache logs ?


Have you confirm if you install extension MBstring of PHP or not ?

Hello brittain,
Did you find a solution, because I face a similar problem?
Export assistant shows all formats CSV, Excel 2007 and TSV, but Import Assistant nothing?


Hi brittain

I have the same issue. Im using 15.0.3 version

Can you tell us if you got a solution?