V12.0.1 PDF invoices missing data for invoicee

Invoices issued with the new version 12 fail to fill the info regarding who you are invoicing to in the PDF generated document. You have to go to the invoice, once issued, and use the ‘generate’ button to build a invoice with the whole bunch of data.

This only happened in version 11 when paying a invoice and in some bulk operations with the invoices, where you lose the invoiced-to data already present in the invoice.

hi, I just tested witn vers 12.0.2, it works perfect.
Do you select a default invoice model in module parameters for Invoices ?

Hi PRX. Thanks for replying and testing.

It always happen when you use an ODT file to create the PDF. Not with the embedded PDF creator but with the ODT module.

There must be an unresolved reference that causes the request for the invoicee data to get returned null or empty. The invoice gets created, all fields filled and variables replaced except for the data (name, address and so on) of the one the invoice is issued to.

Edit: My version is 12.0.1. May be it works ok again in 12.0.2. I’ll update and try.

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I upgraded to 12.0.2 and tested. Same behabior: the pdf file output from the ODT template when you validate the provisional invoice comes with the invoicee data empty until you ‘generate’ the invoice from the already existing record.

What’s worse, if you make a change in a note and save it, the system regenerates the invoice and you lose (if you had it generated before) all the info regarding the invoiced customer like name of company, address, fiscal ID and any related data you may have in your ODT template.

‘Generating’ it again from the invoce record screen fixes all. But it has to be done by hand.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Best regards.