VAT Calculation after Second and Third Tax

Hello everyone,

I need help with the main VAT/Tax calculation. I have noticed per system default, the main VAT/Tax is calculated on the total. But in my country(Ghana), the main VAT/Tax is calculated after the total of Second tax(NHIL & GETFund) and third tax(Covid19 Levy).

This leaves me with a margin of error.

Example below;

Dolibarr Output/Calculation
Total = 6480
Second tax(5%) = 324
Third tax(1%) = 64.8
VAT/Tax(12.5%) = 810

Needed Output/Calculation
Total = 6480
Second tax(5%) = 324
Third tax(1%) = 64.8
VAT/Tax(12.5%) = 858.6

VAT/Tax should be calculated on the formula: 12.5% x (total + 2nd tax + 3rd tax).

Any quick help on this is much appreciated!

Hey :ok_man:

you can get the right results using 13.25% as vat rate, instead of 12.5%

in fact, what you want cannot be easily obtained with this order !!!
what you need is to display the taxes in the order you want and present the correct labels in the documents - i.e., display VAT (12.5%) instead of VAT (13.25%)

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Hmm… This seems to be a viable temporal solution but there’s going to be an insignificant build up in amounts if this should be the calculation over the years. Also mind you that the customer also calculates taxes on their end, and my compnay will not look credible… Long story short, I do believe there’s a way to tweek this.

What you must know is that Dolibarr’s second and third taxes will not impact vat values

you can obtain what you want by using a “tax service” with 6% of the total
and then you have only to aplly the 12.5% vat rate

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Hello @pcbleu,

Can you by any chance walk me through the tax service you’re referring to?
I cannot seem to find it in the setup.


Hey :slight_smile:

I made a plugin named “llTax” that can be used for that : lltax Add tax - with this plugin you define a service for your additionnal taxes
You can make a try with this link : demo

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This is what I feared. A third party plugin. Also, its hard for me to translate your page and fully understand the workings of the plugin. I also want to test its ability to generate reports at the end of the day and know where my taxes are.

I will continue to give it a try and if there’s a native solution to this, I will really appreciate.


@eldy Can you please help on this topic. I really need some info.

I’am afraid the only solution for this case is the one sugested by pcbleu (set the vat rate to 13.25). Because in fact it is a vat rate of 13.25 and amount must be found and reported using 13.25 of price without tax.
The only problem is that on PDF, you will see “13.25”. For the moment, there is no solution but i hope to introduce an option in v15 so instead of showing the vat rate on pdf, you will show the vat code (that is a label of your choice so can be for example “VAT12.5”).

Hi @eldy & @pcbleu. Thank you both for your input. This really helps a lot.