VAT to Sales Tax

Can VAT be changed globally to Sales Tax

Do you mean you want to change only the text (“translation”).
If yes, can you tell me which language need this ?

VAT is the indirect tax on consumer goods, paid by the original producers of the product variations or transfer of property to its final consumers.VAT is applied on each stage of sale with a mechanism of credit for the input VAT paid.Sales tax is levied on the sale of a commodity, which is produced or imported and sold for the first time.If the product is sold subsequently without being processed further, it is exempt from sales tax.

Actually I think he was referring to having sales tax (which is basically the American version of the VAT tax which each state sets individually) instead of VAT tax. I could use this feature as well even if I had to set the value of the sales tax for each state myself.
One thing to keep in mind is that you generally don’t have to collect sales tax except for sales within the state in which your business resides. so being able to configure it kind of like you already have for adding a VAT tax would work fine, especially if it was dependent upon the customers address or shipping address (preferred in my case)

So in USA you enable VAT, then go into Setup/Dictionaries and create a new entry in the “VAT Rates or Sales Tax Rates” table. The use of 3 different taxes allows you to breakdown state, regional and city tax.