Very, very slow upload of files

When uploading files, mostly PDF, to Dolibarr, it is so slow, so slow! I just uploaded 11 files with the size of 35 kB each and it took around 5 minutes. It is not a matter of my connection or the server because I use my own online Debian server and have a few other applications installed, like Drupal and Prestashop but I also do direct uploads using SFTP - SSH Transfer Protocol. In all these cases: Drupal, Prestashop and SFTP - SSH the upload is very fast, and those earlier mentioned 11 files will take just 2-3 seconds.

Why is it so slow with Dolibarr and what can I do about it? It has been like this for years, but I’ve never dug into it before.

Anyone having any suggestion?


the problem you are observing seems to be related to your particular installation. As a reference, I just tried to upload three PDF documents with 100kb each to Dolibarr 15.0.1 (attached to a project) on a Debian server in the web and they appeared instantaneously on the server - it didn’t even make sense to start a clock to measure the time.

It’s difficult to say what may cause this behaviour in your case. Might perhaps also be related to the browser you are using to upload, but this is just wild guessing.

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I use the same browser for Drupal and Prestashop. But; 've found the culprit! It is the virus scan: I had written /usr/bin/clamscan and not /usr/bin/clamdscan (note the d)

This put me on track Upload a doc lasts 24s (whatever the file size) - Using my Dolibarr - Dolibarr international forum