Warehouse with multiple physical locations

I have created a warehouse but when I import stock I need it show in bin locations. We have a 10000 sq ft warehouse and in order for our personnel to find the part we have “bins” such as A1A1 that contain the parts. A part can be in multiple bins. How can I create the bins within a warehouse that displays on the stock page and the movements page? We are evaluting Dolibarr as a replacement for a very old IBM Dataworks system.

We don’t have a lot of locations/bins but do have a few hundred selves with steel plate & pipes so we created a warehouse for each location. Also a good idea to consider tags and categories too for isles etc.

I use one warehouse per physical area based on a diagram of my stock floor.

To my knowledge, Dolibarr does not currently have product removed from a location number, only from the inventory name in which it is held.

In our particular setup, I have created primary locations and also a secondary long string field for any secondary locations for products. This does not have the ability to reflect what quantities are in those locations, but does allow us to find product. The only way to separate the product into an actual “locations” would be to create individual names as Withheld stated in an earlier post (and we have done the same with ours). This helps when removing an item on a ticket as you can pull if from either your main warehouse stock or a sub of that, thereby reducing the amount only in that location.

I am attaching a picture so you can see the field of primary and secondary locations.

Hope this helps. Dolibarr is a great system and they are always improving it! :happy:


Hello everyone,

I have also run in to the same issue our stock is organized in small load carriers (KLT) and I was trying to find a way to indicate that in Dolibarr one way would be to create a warehouse that has a parent warehouse your real location, but from messing a bit around with it I don’t see any feature of having a warehouse as a child of another one. Did anyone implemented it these way? and if yes can you explain the benefits of using child warehouse instead of just other warehouse as a location?