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I’m new to dolibarr, and I’m using It to manage stock of product and I want if there is there’s any way to show a warning at the top of the page (menu) if we pass the limit of the stock instead of that warning icon in the list of produits


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You could create a new menu handler and new menu with a condition to show a new top menu if any stocks reach the alert stage, while clicking on the menu will take you to a list of alerts.


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Thanks Mattsidnell for your response
actually I’ve created a new module and I put in Its index a list of product that reach their limit. and now When I activate It shows the result.

Excellent. It’s been a steep learning curve on Dolibarr, but I’m finally getting there with some modules I’ve had to create.

Give me a shout if you need anything.


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Hi there, would you be able to share what you’ve done for that ?
We’re looking for the same solution, thank you.

Hi Can you please assist me, i am trying to send out an email when the Physical Stock is low. i am quite new to Dolibarr and I am failing to identify the exact method to call in my schedule. could you please assist me on the best way to go about sending an automatic email when physical stock is low.

Thank you

I just published in the store the “Alert on under stock” module which at the moment the stock goes under:

  • generates a signal on the screen
  • send an email to one / more addresses