What are the advantages of dolibarr compared to other erp software?

Hello, I want to ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of dolibarr erp software compared to other erp software such as o*** and erpn*** ?
Thank You

I did do a lot of investigation last few weeks. tried several open source solutions.
Erpnext was easy to install and it is functional but not practical
Metasfresh i did not manage to install
Tryton is easy to install but hard to set up (not everything is translated )
Odoo tried it online but i did not get enthousiast.
Dolibarr is quite easy to install, after installation the setup is not difficult and for my purposes it works out of the box.


Thanks for the Topic. I found this article by Capterra
Comparing 2 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Products: Odoo vs Dolibarr

But I am not convinced it is accurate as I have used the latest Dolibarr 14.05 and it has the features they indicate are not there in this article.

And what they compare is Odoo vs Dolicloud…

Zero Cost, Completely Free, Complete Ownership You mean o*** = ODOO, hmmm, Odoo? I don’t think so, ah what is the catch? depends on your need. If enterprise, standalone, or ethernet base or Internet base., You need to configure the Basic. What i mean by that is that, Chart of Accounts, VAT, Sales TAX, Items, Services. You must have a basic knowledge on how to configure. Or else hire some of Dolibarrian. Ah the most important of Using the ERP is to configure in the right way as per experience. No matter what type of ERP but if the configuration is wrong you will end up with complication such as jagged Auditors and related matters Tax Registrant. Ah the best example is the VAT, by the way talking about advantage. Dolibarr is way ahead on those categories you mention. ODOO and ERPNEXT (yeah, I tried that one too, both of that) End result is that you need to generate Financial Report that Auditor can certify and the Users of ERP will be comfortable. Oh by the way Those ERP’s you had mentioned that does not have DCM, Inhouse implementation cost a lot, You need to pay to have the module you needed, oh yearly!. Do not rely on those Internet Comparisson they are so biased and unexperienced. See above capterra said Dolibarr has no FM module, OMG!, wrong! ODoo by comparisson. has very poor interface plus it is very expensive, hosting or inhouse! Those ERP’s you unmentioned you can only compare with IDEMPIERE, you must have to look for COMFORTABILITY and FLEXIBILITY!

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