What do you think is the future of dolibarr?


Do you consider that it is worth adopting it in terms of support and stability towards the future and in competition with paid ERPs?

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This is one of the strength of open source software, you can continu maintain even if there is no support on it.
For paid ERPs, if the company collapse, you are fucked.


Agree with ksar. Open source always has a better chance of survival in the long run.

Dolibarr is a great open source software and will have a long life. :+1:

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Honestly, sometimes paid ERPs look more stable. Do you really think that companies like Shopify or Wix can fail? Of course, in theory this could happen, but it will be something like Google’s failure in the e-commerce industry. Otherwise, free and open source software sometimes looks unpredictable, but thanks to the community, it will live on for a long time to come.

If everyone who uses it contributes (financially or with code improvements), then it will only get better.
If people treat it as a free lunch and always expect others to use their free time and expertise to improve it and fix problems, then the altrusim will run out at some point.

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agreed, and thankfully that hasn’t happened with Dolibarr yet

Well… In Denmark, the de facto standard ERP system was “C5”, which Microsoft bought and killed short time after… so…

Well, that depends who is Using on Dolibarr, If this will be used by the Ordinary Accountant it could technically wrongly setup. But those who have the knowledge of the following:

  1. Knowledge of Running SQL server
  2. Knowledge of Running Webserver
  3. Accounting Construction in Liue to the SQL
  4. Dolibarr Users Knowledge/Experience
  5. Running/Mainteance of OS that handles Dolibarr Data.
  6. Knowledge of Networking
  7. Knowledge of Router

With that on Top nothing coud go Wrong guaranteed, Any ERP Cloud base or Any ERP Software if the users does not have any knowledge or not Professional in nature. Something Could go wrong.

I agreed but there are compititors that is far, my Number one on the List is Apache Ofbiz, then Dolibarr then iDempiere. I implemented these ERP softwares.

Absolutely True but not with the Solid One, Did you know that Someone, Somewhere people are still running DacEasy for DOS? hmm,