What is dolibarr?

hello, im new here. anyone can explain to me what is dolibarr? thanks


Welcome to Dolibarr - The World of Real OpenSource CRM/ ERP meant for Real entrepreneurs to maximize their business functions. Please check this link for more info:

In this commercial world, heart felt thanks to Eldy and KSar and many other great Yodhas who make such a thing happen. While Dolibarr is free, you can get its plugins from https://www.dolistore.com as well.

Also, you can hire developers from:

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It is the way of saying, as of this time Dolibarr is a system all of the Accounting package combined that can run online For Free if you use the core module only absolutely free, If you are an Accountant/Financial Controller Dolibarr is very useful.

Thanks mate i will learn it

Sure, If anything i can help just message me, this ERP is so good better than the commercial one, Better than any of those

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