What is wrong with my Dolibarr?


Hello guys,
I have recently migrated my Dolibarr to a new server. I cannot work out what is wrong with it and how to fix it. As you can see on the attached image it looks like the language pack is not properly installed. My version was 13.04 and I have recently updated to version 14 as I hoped that the upgrade will fix the problem. Has anyone had such an issue?

CurrentVersion (Programs) 14.0.0
PHP_OS Linux
Webserver Version LiteSpeed
PHP Version 7.3.29
Version 5.5.5-10.4.20-MariaDB-cll-lve

Thank you in advance for reading

After investigation, it turned out that the Other Setup option was causing this problem MAIN_OPTIMIZE_SPEED was set to 7 after removing this hidden option the Dolibarr went back to normal.