When you delete the supplier invoice, the products are not deleted from stock

Hello team,

I am on version 18.0.3 of Dolibarr,

I have the option : Decrement physical stocks upon validation of customer invoices/credit notes activated

when I delete a supplier invoice, the products which are on the invoice are not deleted from the stock, and on the movements of the product the quantity remains positive so if we re-enter the invoice we have a duplicate product quantity on the stock!

please assist, thanks and regards

Hi @driss.benchekroun
Deleting validated customer or supplier invoices is a bad practice!
You have to manually decrease stock for each product in the supplier invoice you deleted from each products card.

hi dear @sonikf and thank you for your reply,

"Currently, deleting a customer invoice triggers stock movements without any issues. However, the problem arises specifically when deleting a supplier invoice. Since we operate on Dolibarr as a team, it becomes challenging to have a good stock in case other people delete supplier invoice.

The standard procedure dictates that when an invoice is deleted, there should be a corresponding decrease in stock. In programming terms, an automatic devalidation process should be initiated."

Hi @driss.benchekroun
I just saw this pull request that may solve your problem!

Just a question from a newbie…

My sample supplier invoice doesn’t even has a Approve or Disapprove button. After it’s validated, it only has Delete, Create Credit Note, and Classify Abandoned.

So how is it it supposed to increment or decrement the stock? Isn’t it done via Create Reception?

thanks @sonikf for this,
this topic is about “supplier order disapproval”, and on this version, the disapproval is ok, I checked, for me when I click on invoice disapproval, the stock is moved out!

the problem I have is the same but with the “supplier order deletion”