Won't create odt.files from template

Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bronsonr/public_html/account2/includes/odtphp/odf.php on line 277

Won’t create odt.files from template

What is your Dolibarr version, and what is the odt template you use ?

I suggest you check here, if the problem persists, write again.

I am using 19.0.2 this same problem has existed since version 16 and has never been fixed it creates the template but the item prints only the top line of the item not the full line see image here this is what I get

This is what I’m supposed to get this one made on version 11.0.4

it works correctly on 11.0.4 but not on the latest version It also displays an error at the top of the page indicating that there is an error in the odtphp file shown here

I have replaced the whole folder with the version from 11.0.4 and it works correctly

The template

Template looks good.
Trouble may be in the content of line desceiption. Can you try with a description of 3 lines only, and remove the ------ into it.
What happen ?
Can you make a var_dump of this 3 lines so we can see if new line separator is \n or