For Users:
NEW: Module "Ticket" is available as a stable module.
NEW: Module "Email Collector" is available as a stable module.
NEW: Module "TakePOS" is available as a stable module.
NEW: Experimental module "Vendor receptions".
NEW: Experimental module "BOM".
NEW: Accounting - Add default accounting account for member subcriptions.
NEW: Accounting - More comprehensive menu.
NEW: Agenda/event - add description column available in list (hidden by default).
NEW: Add accounting account for result.
NEW: Add accounting code for EEC sales and export sales on products.
NEW: Add a security permission to edit php dynamic content on the WebSite module.
NEW: Attached document on bank account are now visible in automatic ECM.
NEW: Add Autofill Remainder Amount picto on the Expense Report Payment Page.
NEW: Add contact status in category export
NEW: Add Default Warehouse to user record (if module stock is on)
NEW: Add employee/user to subledger account list
NEW: Add gender in member card
NEW: Add getFormatedCustomerRef and getFormatedSupplierRef methods
NEW: Add history to view and print previous sales on TakePos.
NEW: Add import of accounting account for intra/export selling on product card
NEW: Adding code to show update date of supplier price shown
NEW: Add line total on list of payments
NEW: Add LinkedIn field in social network module
NEW: Add more complete error messages in log on stripe payments
NEW: Add no_email field in contact list
NEW: Add notes are show in tooltips
NEW: Add option DONATION_USE_THIRDPARTIES in admin of membership module
NEW: add page to setup opening hours of the company
NEW: add payments table to pdf of expense report
NEW: add payment terms to invoices list
NEW: Add picto of deletion on mass action combo lists
NEW: add product extrafields available into shipping export
NEW: add ref supplier on supplier invoice
NEW: Add stats on entries & movements by fiscal year
NEW: Add subledger in various payment module
NEW: Add tag for ODT generation for localtax rates
NEW: Add the now link when creating expense report
NEW: Ask date of invoice when using the Clone feature.
NEW: auto event msg
NEW: Automatically binding for intra/export accountancy code in customer list
NEW: automatic / manual selector form
NEW: Better explanation for setup of WebDav module
NEW: Can add more lines on situation invoices at end of project when there is extra to add.
NEW: Can change the customer account of an instance
NEW: Can choose the root category to show products for TakePOS module
NEW: Can edit supplier on draft order supplier
NEW: Can enter price with or without tax when entering expense repor line
NEW: Can filter on the date of period for social contributions
NEW: Can generate invoices from the timespent entered on a project
NEW: Can update product supplier price ref
NEW: Can upload files from the edit page of expense report
NEW: Color for hover and for checked line is on by default
NEW: Column of p...arent company is available in list of third parties
NEW: conditionnal add member button by statut
NEW: Contact related items tab
NEW: Can create of supplier invoice from a reception
NEW: Ensure External RSS Links Open in New Window
NEW: Export available for reception module
NEW: Extend import option to Order's card and Propal's card
NEW: filter by thirdparty on report CA by prod/serv
NEW: Save space by moving the meteo on the title line
NEW: Get the list of groups of a user with the REST API.
NEW: Hidden option MAIN_CAN_EDIT_SUPPLIER_ON_SUPPLIER_ORDER to edit supplier on draft supplier order
NEW: Improve Displaying Shortcut Access Keys in Navigation.
NEW: Improve Expensereport, Inverse Receiver.
NEW: Improve pdf description item visibitity.
NEW: Introduce a config parameter $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id
NEW: Introduce css "nobottomiftotal"
NEW: Introduce PhpSpreadsheet for export (need php5.6+)
NEW: Invoice creation from the timesheet
NEW: Can list remote stripe's payout in a dedicated page.
NEW: Manage account sell_intra & sell_export in page accoutancy admin default product
NEW: Manage loan schedule.
NEW: Manage status of member types.
NEW: Mass action "create bills" for validated reception
NEW: Measuring unit are now defined into an editable dictionary. Add product size/unit into product import. 
NEW: Template pdf 'canelle_reception' displays linked reception lines.
NEW: Moral/physic status can be defined at member type level
NEW: Pagination into list of time spent.
NEW: Performance enhancement (Replace dirname(__FILE__) with __DIR__)
NEW: POS support in order (ex: online cart).
NEW: Preview of images into the filemanager component.
NEW: Resource module can be used in products/services (in a dedicated tab)
NEW: Retrieve invoice infos from order when billing shipment
NEW: Save and display type of membership in subscription table for more explicit historic
NEW: Setup default thirdparty type (customer or prospect/customer)
NEW: Add shipping "set draft" button and can update lines.
NEW: show in blod, the invoice amount where we came from, when making payment
NEW: Show product dimensions in product tooltips.
NEW: Show the latest date of subscription in member statistics reports.
NEW: Sort list of templates alphabetically
NEW: Stripe Payment Intent (need option to use this new Stripe api method)
NEW: Can support barcode on supplier price references.
NEW: Support tag {ccc} on payment ref
NEW: The preview of PDF files generates only 1 png file, even if several pages.
NEW: Can select a Thirdparty object in donation module if option ON.
NEW: Tooltip with VAT amount and price incl tax on lines of objects.
NEW: Unsubscribed emails are now stored in a dedicated table.
NEW: Update working chkbxlst filter for lists.
NEW: Use ajax switch into setup of donation.php and multi-currency module.
NEW: use recipient language when generating the fullname for emails.
NEW: When you create product or service, sell accountancy account by default is suggested.
NEW: Widget birthdays of the month.
NEW: Option in workflow module to set a reception billed on validate supplier bill.
NEW: Autocompletion on lists should be available on mobile applications.
NEW: Add mass action to close several members.
NEW: Add hidden option ADD_UNSPLASH_LOGIN_BACKGROUND for random background
NEW: Add hidden option to be ready for BREXIT

For Developers:
NEW: Module "DebugBar" is available as a stable module.
NEW: Add API REST for donations
NEW: Add a script 'purge-data.php' to purge data older than a defined creation date
NEW: Add function isValidVATID() to heck syntax of a VAT ID/number.
NEW: Add document's product support in APIs
NEW: Add REST API: get the list of objects in a category.
NEW: Update Stripe library to 6.35
NEW: Upgrade jquery lib to 3.3.1
NEW: Add hook 'addHtmlHeader()'
NEW: Add hook 'createRecurringInvoices()'
NEW: Add hook 'afterSelectContactOptions'
NEW: Add hook 'getAccessForbiddenMessage'
NEW: Add hook support in accountancy index
NEW: Add hook support in list of template invoices
NEW: Add parameter 'replaceambiguouschars' on getRandomPassword function
NEW: Add property 'noteditable' in modulebuilder
NEW: Add the current modulepart into the Conf class object
NEW: Add visibility with value 4 in framework to define fields to show
NEW: More option to tune initialization of a new module with modulebuilder.
NEW: Add REST API to list currencies
NEW: REST API Proposal, Orders, Invoices: Add contact details
NEW: hidden option to change concat order of description/product label.
NEW: Enhance management of webhooks
NEW: Generation of doc by modulebuilder can include README and CHANGELOG
NEW: massfilesarea feature is possible for external modules
NEW: Show list of enabled modules in dol_print_error().
NEW: Simplification of CSS styles of default themes. 
NEW: Clean code of a lot of deprecated code.
NEW: Add hidden option to set a search entry to the top
NEW: add hidden option NO_CONCAT_DESCRIPTION
NEW: Hidden conf to improve pdf desc item visibitity
NEW: Look and feel v10 - Add CSS 'tabBarNoTop'


Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* PHP 5.4 is no more supported. Minimum PHP is now 5.5+.
* The PHP extension php-intl is not mandatory and must be installed to have new features working correctly.
* Method GetUrlTrackingStatus were renamed into getUrlTrackingStatus for consistency with naming rules.
* API getListOfCivility has been renamed into getListOfCivilities for consistency with naming rules.
* Deprecated function img_phone as been removed. You can use img_picto(..., 'call|call_out') instead.; 
* Files for variables of themes were renamed from graph-color.php into theme_vars.inc.php to match naming 
  convention of extension .inc.php for files to be included.
* All methods set_draft() were renamed into setDraft().
* Signatures of methods createFromClone() has been standardized. All methods requires the object User as first parameter.
* Removed deprecated function function test_sql_and_script_inject that was replaced with testSqlAndScriptInject.
* Method load_measuring_units were renamed into selectMeasuringUnits and select_measuring_units was deprecated.
* Method dolEscapeXML was moved from functions.lib.php into function2.lib.php (not used enough to be loaded by default).
* Removed deprecated use of string in dol_print_date(). Only date allowed.
* Deprecated property ->fk_departement is now ->state_id everywhere.
* Removed the method 4 of GETPOST (to get $_COOKIE). It was not used and not recommanded to use in Dolibarr.
* Column llx_facture.facnumber change to llx_facture.ref
* Variable $dolibarr_main_cookie_cryptkey is no more created at install (it was not used by Dolibarr). A new variable 
  called $dolibarr_main_instance_unique_id is now generated at each installation. It will be used by some future features.
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FIX: #10930
FIX: #10984 
FIX: reposition on "Build backup" button
FIX: #11400
FIX: #11412
FIX: #11460 
FIX: #11463
FIX: #11466
FIX: #11492 
FIX: #11498
FIX: #11505
FIX: #11506
FIX: #11507
FIX: #11509
FIX: #11537
FIX: #11543
FIX: #11553
FIX: #11576 
FIX: #11584
FIX: #11590
FIX: accounting mode must be taken from global conf, because there's no way to choose a mode with interface
FIX: Add message from public interface
FIX: add missing hook calls
FIX: Add warning when setup is strange
FIX: ajax call for line positioning when CSRFCHECK_WITH_TOKEN is on
FIX: API return 404 sometimes even if API exists
FIX: Attachment was lost when we validate an expense report
FIX: avoid conflict with "$classname" in card.php
FIX: Bad sql request
FIX: better compatibility with multicompany transverse mode
FIX: Better PHP compatibility
FIX: Block to link with tickets
FIX: Can't submit a ticket from public interface
FIX: categories import: prevent mismatch between category type and object type
FIX: Closing ticket from public interface
FIX: Column 'paid' missing in expense report
FIX: compatibility mysql 8. rank is reserved
FIX: Computed field were not calculated into lists.
FIX: Content of email for subscription
FIX: correct error in files with multiple spaces
FIX: CVE-2019-11199
FIX: delete of links between objects
FIX: div not balanced
FIX: do not return formatted prices in json string
FIX: duplicate on the check (TODO field $onetrtd not used ?)
FIX: element name in update_price
FIX: empty product_use_units in product configuration
FIX: expedition card: infinite loop for printObjectLine hook if return > 0
FIX: extrafield loading bug due to assumption that an object is a third party while it may be a contact if MAIN_USE_COMPANY_NAME_OF_CONTACT is set.
FIX: Fatal error on dol_htmloutput_mesg with corrupted array
FIX: Fatal situation if payment removed on expense report. Action
FIX: FEC Format - Missing date_creation in general ledger when you add a new transaction
FIX: FEC Format - Save translation of the journal label in database & nowrap on amount
FIX: floating point precision errors in the triggers of the workflow module
FIX: for #11232
FIX: format of field with type timestamp
FIX: fournrprice log for insert
FIX: help text
FIX: import filter error
FIX: __INFOS__ tag not exists
FIX: issue #9300: install error with PostgreSQL when using custom table prefix
FIX: Language key
FIX: Limit of uploaded files (max_post_size was not used)
FIX: list of balance of leaves
FIX: minor spelling issues
FIX: missing "dropdown-icon" replacement
FIX: Missing field "Conciliated" into bank transaction export
FIX: missing filter by current contact
FIX: missing token
FIX: Missing where on entity
FIX: move sql request in INNER JOIN
FIX: name was able to be in field but went back to new line
FIX: Nowrap on amount
FIX: Online payment
FIX: on shipment delete confirm dialog, a new checkbox allows the user to choose if they want their stock re-incremented after the deletion.
FIX: option EXPORT_LABEL_FOR_SELECT to restore compatibility in export
FIX: outdated phpdoc
FIX: Permission for BOM menu
FIX: permission to delete a draft purchase order
FIX: phpcs
FIX: Position was lost when we edit the line of template invoice
FIX: product_use_units was set to 0 each time a conf in block other was set
FIX: propal createFrom hook: undefined parameter attached
FIX: Responsive of public interface of ticket
FIX: search by phone pro
FIX: Setup of TakePos was not possible after a clean install
FIX: Show list of events on tickets
FIX: socpeople assigned list in action com list
FIX: SQL problem on donation & nowrap on amount
FIX: stock increase on shipment deletion if STOCK_CALCULATE_ON_SHIPMENT_NEW: is set
FIX: stripe webhook ID constant set
FIX: summary of time spent in preview tab of projects
FIX: the feature to bill time spent was not enabled.
FIX: The new feature to attach document on lines was not correclty
FIX: The proposed new supplier code does not work
FIX: this function can not be private
FIX: tk9877 - PDF rouget requires product.lib.php (otherwise measuring_units_string() is not defined)
FIX: Update the file index table when we validate/rename a ref.
FIX: use rounding to compare the amounts
FIX: We must save code instead of value in database for template invoice modelpdf
FIX: we need to be able to add freeline with qty between 0 & 1 in supplierorder line
FIX: We should remove property comments only for project and task api.
FIX: When saving an action it didn't save the label based on the type of event if the label is empty and the type is customized
FIX: when STOCK_CALCULATE_ON_SHIPMENT_NEW: is set, deleting a "closed" shipment now increases stock as expected
FIX: wrong path sociales/index.php doesnt exist anymore


FIX: #10460 compatibility with MariaDB 10.4
FIX: #11401 Adherent unknown language key
FIX: #11422 Can't edit his own events with standard rights
FIX: #11427 require product class (fixes POST /supplierinvoices REST API endpoint)
FIX: #11570
FIX: #11591 FIX: #11592
FIX: #11671 CVE-2019-15062
FIX: #11672
FIX: #11685
FIX: #11702
FIX: #11711
FIX: #11720
FIX: #11746 Unable to modify amount of insurance of a loan
FIX: #11752
FIX: #11789 FIX: #11790
FIX: #11804 list of tickets from a customer card display ALL tickets
FIX: #11834
FIX: Add char $ and ; in sanitizing of filenames.
FIX: Add comment before protected functions
FIX: Add log and type of content in dolWebsiteOutput and
FIX: Add repair.php option 'restore' to restore user picture after v10
FIX: amount opened on thirdparty card dont care of credit note not converted
FIX: Api of documents work with value 'thirdparty'
FIX: author in message / ticket API
FIX: avoid sql error if fk_project is empty during update
FIX: avoid Warning: A non-numeric value encountered
FIX: bad consistency in list of invoice for direct debit order.
FIX: Bad error management in zip compress and web site export
FIX: bad substitution for extrafields type checkbox
FIX: better help message with multicompany
FIX: calculation of $products_dispatched
FIX: Can't add a new chart of account
FIX: Can't delete a draft leave even if it should
FIX: Can't save setup of mailman module
FIX: column jabberid missing
FIX: Confirmation of deletion
FIX: Consistency in direct debit order lists.
FIX: Content send before header warning
FIX: credit note can be split
FIX: credit note used on list
FIX: Css was saved on wrong website.
FIX: delivery extrafields
FIX: Disabling a website does not put it offline
FIX: display only stripe sources for customer
FIX: display payment intent in stripe's charge list
FIX: document list for products in API
FIX: dol_thirdparty_id for stripe PI
FIX: Do not show tooltip if tooltip is empty
FIX: duplicate css tag, decrease padding-bottom for boxes in eldy theme
FIX: duration when creating service
FIX: EDB-ID:47370
FIX: Enable web site
FIX: error management when adding a property with type real
FIX: Fatal situation if payment removed on expense report. Action
FIX: filepath of generated documents doesn't handle products with special characters
FIX: gzip and bzip2 must use option -f
FIX: It was possible to create cashfence without entering data.
FIX: javascript error when using dol_use_jmobile=1
FIX: logout redirect to takepos.php
FIX: Look and feel v10
FIX: Make protected all pfd models functions
FIX: management of extrafields in modulebuilder
FIX: Missing div for buttons in tax, loan, various payment modules
FIX: missing include (dol_convert_file not found)
FIX: Missing some replacements in website module
FIX: missing test on permission on button to delete ledger record
FIX: Missing the filter fields in export of expense report and leaves
FIX: Missing ticket icon on md theme
FIX: Missing transaction
FIX: Mode smartphone was not triggered when there is too loo menu
FIX: Must escape shell
FIX: Must exclude logs and some dirs for compressed backup
FIX: name and position of hook FIX: #11710
FIX: Not showing MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT when edit field
FIX: Nowrap missing on amount in boxes
FIX: Option to use ZipArchive instead of PclZip bugged with large files.
FIX: order or proposals billed if both workflow conf activated
FIX: permission check on API intervention
FIX: phpcs
FIX: placement function
FIX: qty in invoice list on product's stats
FIX: remove disabled product type from product list
FIX: Return code of pdf_einstein.modules.php and proformat
FIX: round for application fee in stripe
FIX: Sens of the balance (Debit - Credit in accountancy not contrary)
FIX: Several pb in export of documents
FIX: SQL syntax error and CSRF check on vat reports
FIX: takepos layout clear or focus search
FIX: too many record in sql request. Whena criteria is a filter, we must
FIX: Translation of month
FIX: VAT number for Monaco (it uses FR)
FIX: vulenrability in uploading file found by 美创科技安全实验室
FIX: wrong display (and hidden input) for already dispatched quantity
FIX: wrong parameters (same error in branch 9, 10, develop)
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IMPORTANT : This version fixes a serious bug in saving the units of weight, size, surface and volume on product card.
The unit were not saved correctly in database making calculation on shipments wrong.
Update to this version must be done if you use them and have installed version 10.0.0, 10.0.1 or 10.0.2 and set some products after installing or upgrading to one of this version.
Once update is done you must then edit (manually) the product that has bad unit to set the correct unit to have features restored.

FIX: #11702 
FIX: #11861 No consistent code to manage measuring units
FIX: #11942
FIX: #12026
FIX: #12040
FIX: #12041
FIX: #12054
FIX: #12083
FIX: #12088
FIX: Clean the + of categories on the product view only in POS module
FIX: access to public interface when origin email has an alias.
FIX: Alias name is not into the email recipient label.
FIX: allow standalone credit note even if no invoice
FIX: an admin can not access his own permissions after enabling advanced
FIX: an admin can not access his own permissions after enabling advanced permissions
FIX: Attachement of linked files on ticket when sending a message
FIX: avoid non numeric warning
FIX: Bad currency var used in stripe for connect
FIX: Bad list of ticket on public interface for ticket emailcollector
FIX: Can't modify vendor invoice if transfered into accountancy
FIX: change product type must be allowed if we activate hidden conf
FIX: colspan on VAT quadri report
FIX: Debug feature orderstoinvoice for suppliers
FIX: do not output return code on screen after a select of bank account
FIX: Edit of ticket module parameters erased others
FIX: empty cache when we want to load specific warehouses in select
FIX: escape email alias
FIX:  expedition.class.php
FIX: Export of leave request show the number of open days
FIX: Filtering the HTTP Header "Accept-Language".
FIX: Filter on project on ticket list
FIX: Filter "Open all" of ticket was ko.
FIX: Force downlaod of file with .noexe as octet-stream mime type
FIX: form not closed.
FIX: hidden conf to prevent from changing product_type
FIX: If product account not suggested during bind, it is not preselected
FIX: If we share invoice, we need to see discount created from a deposit on each entity
FIX: Import of product using units
FIX: label of thirdparty is wrong on open project list
FIX: Look and feel v10
FIX: missing begin()
FIX: missing "$this->id" in "fetch" function
FIX: navigation on ticket tab of projects
FIX: new invoice with generic thirdparty in takepos
FIX: Pb in units of shipments
FIX: regression with option to hide picto on top menu
FIX: selection of project i am contact of.
FIX: Send email from expense report card.
FIX: shipping card: missing user error messages when classifying closed or billed
FIX: SQL injection on qty
FIX: stripe payment when there is a quote into address
FIX: Substitution of __PROJECT_XXX__ not done
FIX: TakePOS no invoice validation control and good payment translate
FIX: the access of the bank account of one user
FIX: top menu right padding
FIX: Update of leave request when CSRF with token is on
FIX: Var not enough sanitized
FIX: wrong test
FIX: Payment from POS ware not recorded.
FIX: Can validate invoice with amount including tax of zero for the case of having a final invoice with
     VAT that includes a deposit without vat. 


FIX: The pdf templates were using the large logo making PDF too large (and edition of proposal, order, invoice VERY slow)
FIX: #12258
FIX: #12356
FIX: #12372
FIX: #12385
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190053
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190067
FIX: Avoid fatal error when creating thumb from PDF
FIX: compatibility with Multicompany
FIX: display job of contact list
FIX: Extrafields missing in export of expense report
FIX: Hook getAccessForbiddenMessage was missing parameters
FIX: limit 20 prevent to see all products/services
FIX: Search on leave request ref
FIX: security check. A user can see holiday with link without permissions
FIX: Set unpaid of expense report
FIX: shipping extrafields line
FIX: the SELECT examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows #12305
FIX: triggers: directories read with opendir() never closed
FIX: we need to be able to recalculate tva only if invoice not in accountancy
FIX: wrong invoice id for fetchObjetctLinked


FIX: 10.0: add URL param "restore_last_search_values=1" to all backlinks pointing to lists
FIX: 10.0: do not display single-letter values (indicating duration unit without value) in product list
FIX: #12473
FIX: #12481 : fix ticket creation from thirdparty, mission $socid var
FIX: #12482
FIX: #12644
FIX: #12665 Mass invoice validation with stock management
FIX: #12688
FIX: #12745
FIX: add and modify category translate form with posted values on errors
FIX: add URL param "restore_last_search_values=1" to all backlinks that point to a list
FIX: CommandeFournisseurLigne update function must not be able to return other value than 1 if success
FIX: contact card state address selected after filling address
FIX: dol_string_nohtmltag when there is html with windows EOL "<br>\r\n"
FIX: filter language is an array
FIX: first col at wrong position in Export 2007 (new)
FIX: getrights() request
FIX: Invoice Situation integration into Margin
FIX: missing nl2br conversion
FIX: not fee in payout list
FIX: product_fourn_price_id was assigned too late for logPrice() function
FIX: Reduce number of request for list of products
FIX: set due date in object in create invoice
FIX: units traductions for selectUnits() function
FIX: when we need to bill several orders, order lines unit is not on bill lines
NEW: 9.0: allow users to use the mysqldump '--quick' option
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IMPORTANT : This version mainly fixes a regression preventing the creation/modification of orders and sales proposals since version 10.0.5.

FIX Regression of 10.0.5 to create/edit proposals and orders.
FIX: #12760 #12763 #12755 #12765 #12751
FIX: add product qty in shipment already sent (fix for option STOCK_CALCULATE_ON_SHIPMENT_NEW)
FIX: an issue that shows all entities stock
FIX: class Facture undefined in displaying margin information
FIX: error 500 when getting margin info for objects other than invoices
FIX: Loan card - Wrong language key used
FIX: Missing language key for MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD
FIX: product with empty stock were not visible
FIX: remove backward compatibility projectid and uses object id instead
FIX: Some issues on salary payment
FIX: Some problems on conciliation with others modules
FIX: typo on language key
FIX: url new for task time spent in project element tab
FIX: uses GETPOSTISSET instead of GETPOST for projectfield
FIX: var transkey not defined in input hidden
FIX: wrong var name and avoid warning


FIX: 10.0 - missing translations for "orders" homepage "orders" box
FIX: 10.0 - status missing from last customer invoices box when using MAIN_STATUS_USES_CSS
FIX: 10.0 - translations for "orders" not loaded in the homepage box
FIX: #10309
FIX: #12875
FIX: #12932
FIX: #12966
FIX: #12973
FIX: #13304
FIX: advanced target emailing sql and ergonomy
FIX: an external user can not approved
FIX: Bad translation for productlot EatBy and SellBy
FIX: better check
FIX: better method to check user rights AND usergroup rights !
FIX: CA by prod list filter
FIX: can be a string or integer
FIX: Check on unicity on prof id was not triggered sometimes
FIX: clone of purchase order
FIX: compatibility with multicompany (avoid duplicate data)
FIX: complex export model loading
FIX: date filter not used if no operator
FIX: date order was -1D and desc with label repetition
FIX: default lang selection when filter
FIX: dom and missing param
FIX: drafts are now implemented for stats
FIX: Error in log for email sending with smtps was not complete
FIX: Extrafield position in export field list must respect "pos" field
FIX: FEC export format
FIX: FEC export have specific name
FIX: fetching account on current entity
FIX: Filenames must not contains non ascii char or we will get non ascii
FIX: fk_type subscription list via api REST
FIX: Force FEC export to txt format
FIX: get remain to pay with rounding decimals
FIX: Invert isSellerInEEC and isBuyerInEEC
FIX: keep assigned users in session when loading projects and tasks
FIX: length, width and height units coherence in product table
FIX: links in products/services index
FIX: Mail smtps truncated if content has a line with single .
FIX: missing array option
FIX: missing global $conf
FIX: missing hook parameter
FIX: Missing Linked objects Fichinter Ref. in PDF formats
FIX: missing "statut" for getNomUrl() function
FIX: multicompany for discount
FIX: must be == and not =
FIX: Problem with column label in subscription list
FIX: regex for include or exclude categories in full arbo
FIX: Remove unexisting link
FIX: remove unused var, $usercancreate can be change by Multicompany
FIX: require category class in extrafield
FIX: round MT in accountancy books
FIX: search with '0'
FIX: send expense report mail in HTML format
FIX: SQL request and phpunit
FIX: substitute lines dates values on doc generator (ODT, ...)
FIX: test on 0 better than isset
FIX: The "automatic bind" was linked EEC to export accountancy code
FIX: thirdparty alias name desappeared if we change country with THIRDPARTY_SUGGEST_ALSO_ADDRESS_CREATION conf
FIX: timezone must be tzserver and not tzuser as well as on contract card
FIX: typo on ckeck method
FIX: use "usergroup" instead "user"
FIX: Visualization rights correction on last modified contacts box
FIX: Warning on admin/export_files
FIX: We want to be able to import data for extrafields of entity 0 too
FIX: when we filter a list on a view status, we want this filter to be on bookmark that we create
FIX: wrong test
FIX: XSS vulnerability in description of list of audit events.
FIX: z-index for moretabsList with constant MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD