NEW: Add experimental BlockeLog module (to log business events in a non reversible log file).
NEW: Add a payment module for Stripe. 
NEW: Add module "Product variant" (like red, blue for the product shoes)
NEW: Accountancy - Activate multi-journal & Add journal_label to database (FEC)
NEW: Add a tracking id into mass emailing.
NEW: Tax system more compatible with the new tax rollout in India (IGST / CGST / SGST).
NEW: Add calculation function for Loan schedule
NEW: Add "depends on" and "required by" into module informations
NEW: Add key __USERID__ and __ENTITYID__ as key for dynamic filters.
NEW: Add last activation author and ip of modules
NEW: Add mass actions (pdf merge and delete) for interventions
NEW: Add module resources import/export
NEW: Add page statistics for project tasks
NEW: add property to show warnings when activating modules
NEW: add rapport file for supplier paiement
NEW: Add statistics on supplier tab.
NEW: Add tooltip help on shipment weight and volume calculation
NEW: An external module can hook and add mass actions.
NEW: Better reponsive design
NEW: Bookmarks are into a combo list.
NEW: Bulk actions available on supplier orders
NEW: Can add a background image on login page
NEW: Can change customer from POS
NEW: Can clone expense report on another user
NEW: Can control constants values into file integrity checker
NEW: Can define default values for create forms. 
NEW: Can define default filters for list pages. 
NEW: Can define default sort order for list pages.
NEW: Can deploy an external module from the module setup area.
NEW: Can disable all overwrote translations in one click.
NEW: Can edit background color for odd and even lines in tables
NEW: Can filter on code in dictionnaries
NEW: Can filter on year and product tags on the product statistic page
NEW: Can import users
NEW: Can read time spent of others (hierarchy only or all if granted)
NEW: Can send an email to a user from its card.
NEW: Can send email to multiple destinaries from the mailform combo list.
NEW: Can set margins of PDFs
NEW: Can set number of dump to keep with job "local database backup"
NEW: Can sort customer balance summary on date.
NEW: Can sort thumbs visible on product card.
NEW: Can use a credit note into a "down payment/deposit".
NEW: Can use dol_fiche_end without showing bottom border.
NEW: Can use translations into all substitutions (watermark, freetext...)
NEW: Change to allow a specific numbering rule for invoice with POS module.
NEW: convert exceiss received to reduc
NEW: custom dir is enabled dy default on first install.
NEW: Description of feature of a module visible into a dedicated popup.
NEW: Direct open of card after a search if one record only found.
NEW: download button
NEW: Enable bulk actions delete on supplier invoices.
NEW: Extrafields support formulas to be computed using PHP expressions.
NEW: Feature to crop/resize images available on user and expense reports.
NEW: Filechecker can include custom dir and report added files.
NEW: fix listview class and add a demo for product list
NEW: [FP17] Accountancy - Add select field in list of accounts
NEW: get amount base on hourly rate for ficheinter
NEW: hidden Easter egg to display commitstrip strip on login page
NEW: Include an hourglass icon when we click on online payment button
NEW: Index upload files into database.
NEW: Introduce mass action on product list ('delete' for the moment)
NEW: Introduce mass actions on contacts
NEW: It's easier to switch between sandbox and live for paypal
NEW: Mass action delete available on project and tasks
NEW: Move login information on home page into a widget
NEW: new demo entry page
NEW: No external check of version without explicit click in about page.
NEW: odt usergroup
NEW: On invoices generated by template, we save if invoice come from a source template.
NEW: option to copy into attachement files of events, files send by mail (with auto event creation)
NEW: PDF with numbertoword
NEW: Permit multiple file upload in linked documents
NEW: PHP 7.1 compatibility
NEW: Reduce memory usage by removing deprecated constant loading.
NEW: Report page and menu for suppliers paiements
NEW: Show by default README.md file found into root dir of ext module.
NEW: Show company into combo list of projects
NEW: show files in the bank statement + download
NEW: Show local taxes in facture list
NEW: Show local taxes in supplier facture list
NEW: Small PDF template for products
NEW: The substitution keys available for emailing edition are now visible into a popup.
NEW: Uniformize behaviour: Action to make order is an action button.
NEW: Use autocompletion on the "Add widget list".
NEW: Use html5 type "number" on select field for year and duration.
NEW: Can use pdktk to concat mass pdf because tcpdf generate avoid to split large file into multiple smaller file (all have same size) encounter issue with mailer provider virtual delivery service
NEW: Default theme of v6 is cleaner.
NEW: When down payment is entered, discount to reuse into final invoice is automatically created. This save one click into invoice workflow.
NEW: #2763 Go to document block after clicking in Generate document button
NEW: #6280: Generate PDF after creating an invoice from a customer order
NEW: #6915 Simplest change.
NEW: Uniformize the look and feel with v6 new look.

For developers:
NEW: Add a lot of API REST: dictionaryevents, memberstypes, ...
NEW: Big refactorization of multicompany transverse mode.
NEW: getEntity function use true $shared value by default.
NEW: Add font-awesome css.
NEW: Add function ajax_autoselect
NEW: Add function dolMd2Html
NEW: Add hook doUpgrade2
NEW: Add hook "formatNotificationMessage"
NEW: Add index and constraints keys on supplier proposal detail table
NEW: Add phpunit to check the engine is defined into sql create files.
NEW: Add project and Hook to Loan
NEW: Add REST API to push a file.
NEW: Allow extrafields list select to be dependands on other standard list and not only other extrafields list
NEW: Architecture to manage search criteria persistance (using save_lastsearch_values=1 on exit links and restore_lastsearch_values=1 in entry links)
NEW: data files are now also parsed by phpunit for sql syntax
NEW: Hook to allow inserting custom product head #6001
NEW: Introduce fields that can be computed during export in export profiles.
NEW: Introduce function dol_compress_dir
NEW: Removed commande_pdf_create, contract_pdf_create,expedition_pdf_create, facture_pdf_create, delivery_order_pdf_create, task_pdf_create, project_pdf_create, propale_pdf_create, supplier_invoice_pdf_create, supplier_order_pdf_create, supplier_proposal_pdf_create deprecated functions
NEW: tooltip can be on hover or on click with textwithpicto function.
NEW: Upgrade jquery to 3.3.1 and jquery-ui to 1.12


Following changes may create regression for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* The hook getNodeList has been replaced by a normalized 'addreplace' hook getDirList.
* The trigger USER_SETINGROUP and USER_REMOVEFROMGROUP has been replaced with trigger USER_MODIFY.
* The page societe/soc.php was renamed into societe/card.php to match page naming conventions.
* The page compta/facture.php was renamed into compta/facture/card.php to match page naming conventions.
* The signature of method ->delete() of class Product and PriceExpression was changed from 
  ->delete(id, notrigger) to ->delete(User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules.
* The signature of method ->delete() of class Adherent was changed from 
  ->delete(id) to ->delete(id, User, notrigger) to match standard dev rules.
* Removed CommonObject::displayMarginInfos (was deprecated in 3.8). Use same method into
* Removed Societe::set_commnucation_level (was deprecated in 4.0). Was not used.
* Removed the trigger file of PAYPAL module that stored data that was not used by Dolibarr. The trigger event still
  exists, but if an external module need action on it, it must provides itself its trigger file.
* Use $conf->global->MULTICOMPANY_TRANSVERSE_MODE instead $conf->multicompany->transverse_mode. So, if you set var
  $multicompany_transverse_mode to 1 into your conf file, you must remove this line and a new key into 
  the Home - setup - other admin page.
* If you use Multicompany transverse mode, it will be necessary to check the activation of the modules in the children
  entities and to review completely the rights of the groups and the users.
* Use getEntity('xxx') instead getEntity('xxx', 1) and use getEntity('xxx', 0) instead getEntity('xxx')
* Some other change were done in the way we read permission of a user when module multicompany is enabled. You can 
  retreive the old behavior by adding constant MULTICOMPANY_BACKWARD_COMPATIBILITY to 1.
* The hook formObjectOptions was not implemented correctly in previous version. Sometimes, you had to return output 
content by doing a print into function, sometimes by returning content into "resprint". This has been fixed to follow
hook specifications so you must return output into "resprint".


FIX: #7000 Dashboard link for late pending payment supplier invoices do not work
FIX: #7325 Default VAT rate when editing template invoices is 0%
FIX: #7330
FIX: #7359
FIX: #7367
FIX: #7368
FIX: #7391
FIX: #7420
FIX: Add some missing attributes in Adherent:makeSubstitution (type, phone…
FIX: Bad const name
FIX: Bad link to unpayed suppliers invoices
FIX: Better protection to no send email when we change limit
FIX: Calculation in the activity box
FIX: Clean bad parameters when inserting line of template invoice
FIX: dateSelector was not taken into account
FIX: journalization for bank journal should not rely on a label.
FIX: menu enty when url is external link
FIX: missing supplier qty and supplier discount in available fields for product export.
FIX: multicompany better accuracy in rounding and with revenue stamp.
FIX: Must use pdf format page as default for merging PDF.
FIX: PDF output was sharing 2 different currencies in same total
FIX: Position of signature on strato template
FIX: Protection to avoid to apply credit note discount > remain to pay
FIX: Remove warning when using log into syslog
FIX: Responsive
FIX: Security fixes (filter onload js, less verbose error message in
FIX: SEPA recording payment must save one payment in bank per customer
FIX: Several problem with the last event box on project/tasks
FIX: Sign of amount in origin currency on credit note created from lines
FIX: Some page of admin were not responsive
FIX: SQL injection
FIX: time.php crashed without project id in param
FIX: transfer of line extrafields from order to invoice
FIX: Upgrade missing on field
FIX: View of timespent for another user
FIX: ODT generation
FIX: CVE-2017-9840, CVE-2017-14238, CVE-2017-14239, CVE-2017-14240, CVE-2017-14241,


FIX: #7148
FIX: #7288
FIX: #7366 renaming table with pgsql
FIX: #7435 Can't add payment term
FIX: #7461
FIX: #7464
FIX: #7471
FIX: #7473 Mass update of vat rates and other bugs on localtax
FIX: #7475
FIX: #7486 Empty value for multicurrency rate must be forbidden
FIX: #7490
FIX: #7505
FIX: #7510 Bug: extrafield content disappear when generate pdf within intervention
FIX: #7514
FIX: #7531 #7537
FIX: #7541
FIX: #7546
FIX: #7550
FIX: #7554
FIX: #7567
FIX: Accountancy export model for Agiris Isacompta
FIX: Allow create shipping if STOCK_SUPPORTS_SERVICES option is enabled
FIX: Bad preview on scroping when special file names
FIX: Generation of invoice from bulk action "Bill Orders"
FIX: Implementation of a Luracast recommandation for the REST api server (#7370)
FIX: Missing space in request
FIX: Only modified values must be modified
FIX: replenish if line test GETPOST on line 0
FIX: Stripe not working on live mode
FIX: wrong basePath in the swagger view
FIX: Implementation of a Luracast recommandation for the REST api server


FIX: #7211 Update qty dispatched on qty change
FIX: #7458
FIX: #7593
FIX: #7616
FIX: #7619
FIX: #7626
FIX: #7648
FIX: #7675
FIX: Agenda events are not exported in the ICAL, VCAL if begin exactly with the same $datestart
FIX: API to get object does not return data of linked objects
FIX: Bad localtax apply
FIX: Bad ressource list in popup in gantt view
FIX: bankentries search conciliated if val 0
FIX: hook formObjectOptions() must use $expe and not $object
FIX: make of link to other object during creation
FIX: Missing function getLinesArray
FIX: old batch not shown in multi shipping
FIX: paid supplier invoices are shown as abandoned
FIX: selection of thirdparty was lost on stats page of invoices
FIX: sql syntax error because of old field accountancy_journal
FIX: Stats on invoices show nothing
FIX: substitution in ODT of thirdparties documents
FIX: wrong key in selectarray
FIX: wrong personnal project time spent


FIX: #7737
FIX: #7751
FIX: #7756 Add better error message
FIX: #7786
FIX: #7806
FIX: #7824
FIX: add line bad price and ref
FIX: A lot of several fix on local taxes and NPR tax
FIX: createfromorder
FIX: CSS for IE10
FIX: external user cannot be set as internal
FIX: Filter type on actioncomm with multiselect doesn't work
FIX: list of donation not filtered on multicompany
FIX: list of module not complete when module mb_strlen not available
FIX: Locatax were not propagated when cloning order or proposal
FIX: Searching translation should not be case sensitive
FIX: Search into language is ok for file into external modules two.
FIX: test for filter fk_status
FIX: too much users on holiday list
FIX: Wrong alias sql


FIX: security vulnerability reported by ADLab of Venustech
     CVE-2017-17897, CVE-2017-17898, CVE-2017-17899, CVE-2017-17900 
FIX: #7379: Compatibility with PRODUCT_USE_OLD_PATH_FOR_PHOTO variable
FIX: #7903
FIX: #7933
FIX: #8029 Unable to make leave request in holyday module
FIX: #8093
FIX: Bad name alias showing in name of third column
FIX: Cashdesk should not sell to inactive third parties
FIX: Edit accountancy account and warning message on loan
FIX: $accounts[$bid] is a label !
FIX: $oldvatrateclean & $newvatrateclean must be set if preg_match === false
FIX: product best price on product list
FIX: search on contact list
FIX: stats trad for customerinvoice
FIX: translate unactivate on contractline
FIX: email sent was not in HTML
FIX: missing hook invoice index
FIX: subject mail sepa


FIX: #7974 Contract - Invalid reference on the document
FIX: #8139
FIX: #8139 User search does not work if MAIN_USE_OLD_SEARCH_FORM, missing list.php
FIX: #8151
FIX: #8200
FIX: add planned delivery to order exports
FIX: a discount is a percent, not an amount, so we use vatrate not price
FIX: Avoid empty value to fk_multicurrency attribute
FIX: Bad localtaxes assignment in cashdesk
FIX: check shipping on delete order
FIX: check verif exped on delete order
FIX: creer into lire
FIX: Delete tasks on project delete will now trigger TASK_DELETE
FIX: Global on $user parameter reset the variable
FIX: if we make a mistake with situation_percent, now we can correct…
FIX: if we make a mistake with situation_percent, now we can correct it. before situation_final was always set to 1 and no way to go back
FIX: Import process must stop after ending line nb to import
FIX: migration script for product photo
FIX: natural search double quote
FIX: reverse field to have object loaded in doaction
FIX: Saving wrong localtax on order addline
FIX: show status on societe banner
FIX: solve column mismatch in user card's usergroup list + code cleanup
FIX: solve column mismatch in user card with multicompany transverse mode + code cleanup
FIX: unset categorie
FIX: update_extras on fourn card
FIX: warning when adding ECM files using old photo path
FIX: Withdrawals lines not filter by company name and not respect dropdown limit lines by page
NEW: Add sale representative einstein_pdf_modules
NEW: field commerciaux and categ export CustomersInvoicesAndPayments


FIX: #8023
FIX: #8259 can't update contact birthday with REST API
FIX: #8478 !empty instead of count to avoid warning
FIX: #8488
FIX: actioncomm export: type filtering not working
FIX: addline on invoice supplier manage rank on its own if not provided
FIX: issue #8037
FIX: label in getnomurl projectlist
FIX: payment term doc-specific label was not used
FIX: payment term doc-specific label was not used (issue #8414)
FIX: project category is type 6 not 5 !!
FIX: some localtaxes errors
FIX: weird password autocompletion in Google Chrome (issue #8479)


FIX: #8762
FIX: #9032
FIX: case when we valid form with keyboard
FIX: clause must not be there
FIX: dol_delete_file must work in a context without db handler loaded
FIX: entity test must be on product_fourn_price table and not product table
FIX: Fetch shipping will now fetch project id
FIX: $fk_account is always empty, must be $soc->fk_account
FIX: getEntity project and not projet
FIX: If we enable 3 steps for supplier order approbation, we must no…
FIX: If we enable 3 steps for supplier order approbation, we must not delete all fourn rights def.
FIX: Keep supplier proposal price for supplier order
FIX: langs fr
FIX: missing filters during ordering
FIX: missing filters during reordering
FIX: need to filter on aa.entity for same accounting accounts available in several entities
FIX: page must always be 0 when we search
FIX: page must always be 0 when we search (to avoid case : when we're on page 3 and we're looking for a precise thirdparty, we stay on page 3 and nothing's displaied)
FIX: PDF address: handle when contact thirdparty different from document thirdparty
FIX: propal: correctly preset project when creating with origin/originid
FIX: pu_ht_devise was not converted to numeric so decimals were lost
FIX: pu_ht_devise was not converted to numeric so decimals were lost when calculating total_ht_devise
FIX: remain to pay for credit note was wrong on invoice list
FIX: shipment: fk_proje(c)t not handled in fetch() and update() methods
FIX: showOptionals: column mismatches
FIX: sometimes amounts are identical but php find them different.
FIX: test is_erasable() must be done before call function delete()
FIX: test is_erasable() must be done before call function delete() too to avoid delete invoice with &action=delete in url
FIX: we must see number of all shared projects
FIX: wrong var name