For users:
NEW: Add a preview icon after files that can be previewed (pdf + images)
NEW: When payment is registered, PDF of invoices are also regenerated so payments
     appears with no need to click on regenerate.
NEW: #5711 Add shipment line deleting and editing for draft shipments.
NEW: Accept substitution key __(ABC)__ replaced with value of translation of key ABC
NEW: Accept substitution key __[ABC]__ replaced with value of const ABC
NEW: Accountancy Add fields for sale accounting account for intracommunity sales & export sales
NEW: Add a button "Activate all services" on contracts
NEW: Add a confirmation for all mass action 'delete'
NEW: Add a group task line for tasks on same level on gantt diagram
NEW: Add and edit country for chart of accounts systems
NEW: add a new notification for the signed closed event of a proposal.
NEW: Add a parameter to specify char used as separator for variant product label
NEW: Add a profile to import product translations
NEW: Add a protection so we can't journalize non balanced transactions
NEW: Add a status enabled/disabled on recurring invoices
NEW: add burger menu to list action comm
NEW: Add button cancel on shipment creation
NEW: Add chart of account for england
NEW: Add Chile accounting plan
NEW: Add class in societe/card.php
NEW: add company alias name when create company from member
NEW: Add date of birth on user card.
NEW: Add date_valid and date_pointoftax on supplier invoices.
NEW: Added Region name to state/province form field
NEW: Added regions to third party/societe lists, can be filtered
NEW: Add error message
NEW: Add expense report rules and ik
NEW: Add filter on event code on automatic filling setup page
NEW: Add filters on month/year on the accountancy binding tools
NEW: add fk_unit field into product/service import/export
NEW: add 'formObjectOptions' hook to the form setting the product selling price
NEW: add image object_phoning_mobile.png
NEW: Adding Field "First date of expire" + filter on contract list
NEW: add ldap_rename for avoid password if ldap key changed
NEW: Add mass action "validate" on supplier invoices.
NEW: add members types ldap group management
NEW: Add new property visible dy default on lists on extrafields
NEW: Add Next/Previous button on operation date of bank line
NEW: Add product unit fields for ODT substitution
NEW: Add project on a various payment
NEW: Add project related fields to ODT
NEW: Add protection to avoid to send to much emails using builk actions
NEW: Add search field for date on supplier payment page
NEW: Add search on date and accounting account in various payment list
NEW: add specific translation for title of documents (Invoice, Order, Proposal)
NEW: Adds the payment reference to the return of the function getListOfPayements
NEW: Add supplier proposals into stats of product page.
NEW: Add tab "Expense report" on user card
NEW: add the ability to regenerate a pdf for the order module
NEW: Add The accountancy Switzerland chart of accounts
NEW: Add The developed French chart of accounts 2014
NEW: Add The Luxembourg chart of accounts
NEW: Add The Moroccan chart of accounts
NEW: Add The Switzerland chart of accounts
NEW: Add The SYSCOHADA chart of accounts
NEW: Add the total in the perday view of the time spent form.
NEW: Add The Tunisia chart of accounts
NEW: Add toolkit for StockLimit and DesiredStock
NEW: add translation and possibility to change month and year
NEW: Add view of status of template invoice
NEW: All search boxes are available on smartphone
NEW: All setup of accountancy can be done from menu "Accountancy-Setup"
NEW: Attaching doc automatically in email is now a parameter of template.
NEW: automatic activation of external module on country set
NEW: Better autoselect customer or supplier fields to save clicks
NEW: Better behaviour when using a text browser
NEW: Break lines per project on the new timesheet page
NEW: Bulk action validate on customer invoices
NEW: Bulk delete actions available on leave requests
NEW: burger menu and hooks on list action
NEW: Can add html content on right of tabs
NEW: Can add link to other element on a donation
NEW: Can create intervention from a proposal
NEW: Can create thirdparty from card proposal, order or invoice
NEW: Can download PDF document from the payment page
NEW: Can edit the language into the email templates editor.
NEW: Can edit with delete/insert a forced translation
NEW: Can export list of stock movements
NEW: Can filter on date on the page showing existing bindings
NEW: Can filter on document name in ECM module for automatic tree
NEW: can filter on status of template invoices
NEW: Can filter on the "other" column on emailing target list
NEW: Can filter on type of email template
NEW: Can filter on user on unalterable log
NEW: Can import local tax rates in prices
NEW: Can include extrafields into member card templates
NEW: Can include tag {uuu} into some numbering masks to replace with user
NEW: Can make a specific setup for SMTP sending for emailing module
NEW: Can rename (so reorder) bank receipts
NEW: Can send email from contract card
NEW: Can send email from the member card using email templates.
NEW: Can set a dedicated message on payment forms
NEW: Can set email of thirdparty as unique and/or mandatory
NEW: Can setup csv accounting export from admin config
NEW: Can show currency in list of bank accounts
NEW: Can show stock in alert even if alter is set to 0
NEW: Can sort joined files on thirdparty and user card.
NEW: Can transfer from bank account to bank account with different currencies
NEW: Can use an url like $conf->global>-MYPARAM for menu urls
NEW: change description on click
NEW: Chart of account is loaded when selected into accounting setup
NEW: Classify the order as invoiced in the REST API
NEW: comments system on task
NEW: comment system working with all objects
NEW: Compatibility with PHP 7.2
NEW: confirm form style to accept or reject proposal
NEW: Create an invoice using an existing order
NEW: Create an order using an existing proposal
NEW: customizable meteo in value or percentage
NEW: Days where user is on vacation use different colors in timesheet.
NEW: Deduct an available credit to an existing invoice
NEW: Default filter and sort order can use partial list of query
NEW: Deposit invoice more explicit in invoice line description
NEW: deposits can be converted even if unpaid
NEW: detection of edge browser
NEW: Each user can edit its own email template (menu tools)
NEW: Enabled sending email in bulk actions for supplier orders
NEW: Enhance the anti XSS filter
NEW: extrafield on facture_rec
NEW: Extrafields "link to object" now use a combo selection and getNomUrl
NEW: filter date for blockedlog
NEW: filter on extrafield on product list (as in company list)
NEW: General ledger : Add field date_creation and selected field
NEW: generate also document when invoice is build from recurring template
NEW: Generated files are now indexed in database
NEW: generate invoice PDF on disount application or payment
NEW: Get a list of payments terms
NEW: hrm details output on user
NEW: If max nb of generation is reached, date for next gen is striked
NEW: improvements of invoices, orders and proposals in the REST API
NEW: Include a color syntaxed HTML editor for emailing edition.
NEW: Introduce code syntax coloration with mode 'ace' for DolEditor.
NEW: Introduce experimental feature to search dolistore from application
NEW: jquery date selector become default date selector
NEW: langs
NEW: link project from other company conf
NEW: manageme extrafields with multientity
NEW: Mass PDF Merging is available on contracts
NEW: merge categories while merging thirdparties
NEW: Merge resource/add.php to resource/card.php
NEW: Module "Product variants" is moved as stable.
NEW: More picto for phone
NEW: Move accountancy features into a dedicated menu
NEW: Move contacts of a thirdparty on tab Contacts/Addresses
NEW: Move the upload input on top right in ECM module
NEW: new columns into extrafields table to get update create information
NEW: new param on load_board() function in ActionComm class to avoid duplicate code
NEW: On bulk email from a list, can uncheck "Join main document".
NEW: On reconciliation, show balance including all reconciliated fields
NEW: Option "one email per recipient" when using bulk actions emails.
NEW: Option STOCK_SUPPORTS_SERVICES become visible.
NEW: option to avoid countries to disable there blockedlog
NEW: option to fix top menu with eldy theme (hidden conf)
NEW: Popup for preview of image add a button "Original size"
NEW: post lines of an invoice using the REST API
NEW: preload comments in task
NEW: Provide a way to download a file from a public URL for files in ECM
NEW: Reduce size of HTML page by removing duplicate tooltips
NEW: Remove background on agenda view when event is a not busy event.
NEW: Retrieves available discounts and payments details from a specific invoice
NEW: Revenue stamp can be a percent
NEW: Search filters in lists are restored when using "back to list"
NEW: Send by email available in bulk for expense report
NEW: Set a proposal to draft
NEW: Show badge with nbr of shipment on shimpen tab of order
NEW: Show country and vat number into company tooltip
NEW: Show direct preview link on contract
NEW: Show expected worked hours on the timesheet form.
NEW: Show line "other filtered task" when using filter on timesheet.
NEW: Show list of tracked events into the module config page.
NEW: Show the supplier ref into supplier cards
NEW: Show user id of web process in system info - web server
NEW: Summary of last events on a card are sorted on decreasing date.
NEW: Support Italian addresses format. Fixes #7785
NEW: Support visibility on extrafields
NEW: Template invoices are visible on the customer tab
NEW: template invoices support substition key
NEW: The bank account is visible on payment of taxes
NEW: The comment when closing a proposal is added to commercial proposal
NEW: The gantt diagram is now sensitive to hours
NEW: The lot of a product uses the link and picto when shown into list.
NEW: The "Show detail by account" accepts 3 values: yes, no, if non zero
NEW: The unalterable log can be browse by any user with he permission
NEW: Tooltip for substitutions variables on tooltips on admin pages
NEW: unexistant function load_state_board() on several objects
NEW: Update availability
NEW: Update bank account when updating an invoice
NEW: Update bank account when updating an order
NEW: Use autocompletion on selection of chart of account
NEW: view company name if different of fullname in dol_banner
NEW: warning on module blocked log reset if country code is FR

For developers:
NEW: Add 2 new automatic classification in workflow module
NEW: Add API for contracts
NEW: Add API to activate/unactivate a contract
NEW: Add api validate and close on contracts
NEW: add doActions hook in admin ihm
NEW: add doActions hook in company admin
NEW: Added functionality to get order customer contact as contact_xx tags
NEW: Add hook addAdminLdapOptions and doAction in ldap admin page
NEW: Add method executeCLI and a phpunit
NEW: add '$moreatt' parameter in picto_from_langcode function
NEW: Add non intrusive js library to make syntaxic coloring of textarea
NEW: Add payment line to a specific invoice using the REST API
NEW: add possibility to disabled the LDAP trigger
NEW: add possibility to hide LDAP tab for non admin
NEW: Add possibility to propose last num releve in conciliation
NEW: add possibility to remove address field
NEW: Add REST API for supplier proposals
NEW: Add REST API to add payment line to a specific invoice
NEW: Add the attribute accept to the input form for file upload
NEW: add translation column for extrafields list
NEW: Add performances indexes on calendar events
NEW: A module can change order of element in the quick search combo
NEW: Can test signature of a version from API
NEW: complete_head_from_modules() in ldap_prepare_head()
NEW: Consolidates REST dictionary APIs into a single tree and a single file
NEW: Delete a line of invoice using the REST API
NEW: documents REST API return list of documents by element
NEW: Download a document using the REST API
NEW: Enhance framework so we can use html/icons into SELECT options.
NEW: External module can interact with the customer summary page
NEW: Generates the document before downloading using REST API
NEW: get and post lines of an invoice using the REST API
NEW: Get a payment list of a given invoice using the REST API
NEW: Get available assets of an invoice using the REST API
NEW: Get credit notes or deposits of a thirdparty
NEW: GET lines of an invoice in the REST API
NEW: get payment types using the REST API + consolidates REST dictionary APIs
NEW: Get the list of payments terms.
NEW: hook formObjectOptions in the form setting product selling price
NEW: hook to enrich homepage open elements dashboard
NEW: Insert a discount in a specific invoice using the REST API
NEW: Remove js library fileupload that was not used by core code.
NEW: Remove tooltip tipTip library replaced with standatd jquery tooltip
NEW: Set invoices as draft using the REST API
NEW: Sets an invoice as paid using the REST API
NEW: Tag the order as validated (opened) in the REST API
NEW: Update end of validity date of proposal using the API
NEW: Update in the order REST API
NEW: Upgrade jquery select2 to 4.0.4


If you enabled (for test) the experimental BlockedLog module before 7.0, you must purge the table llx_blockedlog because
way to save data for final version has changed.

Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better:
* The methode "cloture" on contract were renamed into "closeAll".
* The method "is_erasable" of invoice return a value <= 0 if not erasable (value is meaning) instead of always 0.  
* The substitution key for reference of objects is now __REF__ whatever is the object (it replaces __ORDERREF__, 
  __PROPALREF__, ...)
* The substition key __SIGNATURE__ was renamed into __USER_SIGNATURE__ to follow naming conventions. 
* Substitution keys with syntax %XXX% were renamed into __XXX__ to match others.
* Removed old deprecated REST API (APIs found into '/root' section of the REST API explorer in Dolibarr v6).
* Some REST API to access setup features, like dictionaries (country, town, extrafields, ...) were moved into a 
  common API "/setup".
* The REST API /documents were renamed into /documents/download and /documents/upload. 
* Page bank/index.php, bank/bankentries.php and comm/actions/listactions.php were renamed into 
  bank/list.php, bank/bankentries_list.php and comm/actions/list.php to follow page naming
  conventions (so default filter/sort order features can also work for this pages).
* The parameter note into method cloture() is added at end of private note (previously in v6, it replaced).
* The parameter $user is now mandatory for method createFromOrder and createFromPropal.
* Removed js library 'fileupload' that was not used by core code.
* Jquery plugin tableDnd updated. You now need to use decodeURI on the return value of tableDnDSerialize() 
  and add 'td.' to the beginning of the dragHandle match string. 
* IE8 and earlier and Firefox 12 and earlier (< 2012) are no more supported. 
* The module ExpenseReport use numbering rules that you can setup (like other modules do). If you need to 
  keep the hard coded numbering rule of expenses report used in 6.0, just add constant
* If you use the external module "multicompany", you must also upgrade the module. Multicompany module for
  Dolibarr v7 is required because with Dolibarr v7, payment modes and payment conditions are management as data
  that are dedicated to each company. If you keep your old version of multicompany module, mode and
  condition of payments will appears empty in all companies that are not the first one. By upgrading the 
multicompany module to a version that support Dolibarr v7, everything should work as expected. 


FIX: #8139 User search does not work if MAIN_USE_OLD_SEARCH_FORM, missing list.php
FIX: #8200
FIX: #8219
FIX: #8232
FIX: #8269
FIX: #8277
FIX: #8285 Extrafields now reported by /api/index.php/agendaevents/{id}
FIX: #8289 add a configuration for stock calculation
FIX: Activate all also if there are inactive services
FIX: add planned delivery to order exports
FIX: approval date was not visible if leave was canceled after
FIX: avoid "Array" on screen
FIX: Avoid empty value to fk_multicurrency attribute
FIX: Bad var for substitution of free text
FIX: Can't activate tasks on projects configuration
FIX: Can use odx templates that does not include lines tags
FIX: check shipping on delete order
FIX: check verif exped on delete order
FIX: comment on tasks
FIX: country must not be mandatory for accounting report groups
FIX: css
FIX: Delete tasks on project delete will now trigger TASK_DELETE
FIX: Do not lose filter when editing comment of a time spent in task view
FIX: duplicate confirm message. Missing reposition class
FIX: Duplicate product_type asignement on order addline
FIX: email use the validate user instead of approver in holiday approval
FIX: Error management in leave request
FIX: for nondisplay of  fk_element 's id in  REST API response
FIX: Generic substitution of constant disabled for sensitive constant
FIX: if we make a mistake with situation_percent, now we can correct it. before situation_final was always set to 1 and no way to go back
FIX: Import process must stop after ending line nb to import
FIX: Infinite loop on deletion of temp file when there is symbolic links
FIX: Input of holiday for subordinates was ko
FIX: invoice creation fails when next date not defined
FIX: Label of event show twice
FIX: letter for month March
FIX: Look and feel v7
FIX: Make a redirect after the remove_file action to avoid deletion done
FIX: migration script for product photo
FIX: missing email of customer in stripe info payments
FIX: missing object entity in fetch
FIX: Missing restore_lastsearch_values
FIX: multicompany compatibility and fix reports
FIX: natural search double quote
FIX: navigation and filters on holiday list
FIX: Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
FIX: Payment mode not correctly set in donation and document
FIX: Permission in list of holiday
FIX: Properties updated if update successfull.
FIX: reverse field to have object loaded in doaction
FIX: Saving wrong localtax on order addline
FIX: Search criteria on vat
FIX: show status on societe banner
FIX: solve column mismatch in user card with multicompany transverse mode + code cleanup
FIX: Subscription events not recorded into agenda
FIX: Subscription not correctly log in blockedlog
FIX: Temporary dir for mail files must be cleaned at beginning of form
FIX: Trad and creation date in subscription create
FIX: translation of holiday types
FIX: Unknown column 'pl.amount_requested' in compta/prelevement/factures.php
FIX: Useless clean of tree
FIX: Use of undefined constant _ROWS_2
FIX: warning when adding ECM files using old photo path


FIX: #8023
FIX: #8259 can't update contact birthday with REST API
FIX: #8359
FIX: #8389
FIX: #8478 !empty instead of count to avoid warning
FIX: #8488
FIX: #8559 Bug to generate cheque receipt
FIX: #8571
FIX: #8574
FIX: #8580
FIX: #8650
FIX: actioncomm export: type filtering not working
FIX: Add a test to avoid to reset binding by error.
FIX: addline on invoice supplier manage rank on its own if not provided
FIX: Add warning when expense report line not into range
FIX: avoid Error: Call to undefined method mysqli::get_charset()
FIX: avoid focus problem when select2 is in a modal dialog window
FIX: Binding pages must start on fiscal month not calendar month
FIX: button "Classify bill" on supplier order was not visible
FIX: Button receive products not visible
FIX: can bypass the CSRF protection with url with domain inside
FIX: commonobject: don't require notnull field if default set
FIX: CommonObject: don't require 'notnull' field if 'default' set
FIX: cron script disabled if module disabled
FIX: CVE-2018-10092
FIX: CVE-2018-10094
FIX: CVE-2018-10095
FIX: CVE-2018-9019
FIX: Data on income/expense report was always 0
FIX: default addupdatedelete actions: uniformize add/update value checks
FIX: default currency not set on supplier order creation from commercial menu #8459
FIX: delete all product variants of a parent product
FIX: Detail per account not visible when total < 0
FIX: DOL_AUTOSET_COOKIE was not correctly setting value of cookie
FIX: don't print empty date in CommonObject::showOutputField
FIX: dont print empty date in CommonObject::showOutputField
FIX: Draft invoice must be excluded from report
FIX: environment shown on cron card
FIX: Error in ContractLigne not return to Contract
FIX: extrafields price and double were lost during a failed post.
FIX: File name not visible in email preview
FIX: filter/sorting on extrafield on contact list from contact tab
FIX: Initial month on report income/expense per predefined group
FIX: issue #8037
FIX: Issue #8455
FIX: issue #8470
FIX: label in getnomurl projectlist
FIX: limit access of email template page to internal users
FIX: look and feel v7 "back to" for bookkeeping record
FIX: Max nb of generation of recurring invoice should not show warning
FIX: missing english name for object
FIX: Missing include
FIX: missing User object with API REST
FIX: modulebuilder: could not create html fields
FIX: modulebuilder: handle 'price' fieldtype
FIX: multiple creation of same event
FIX: Name of user not visible on journalizing expense report payments
FIX: Not approved holidays must not be visible into timesheet
FIX: Only approved expense report must be journalized
FIX: payment term doc-specific label was not used
FIX: payment term doc-specific label was not used (issue #8414)
FIX: project category is type 6 not 5
FIX: Projet is not prefilled when created from overwiew page
FIX: Related contact printed in societe agenda
FIX: Removed error when no error on accounting setup page
FIX: remove var_dump
FIX: sanitize setup params
FIX: selectForFormsList: entity checked even is object not multi-entity managed
FIX: service creation, right is tested regarding the product type
FIX: some localtaxes errors
FIX: Some report have data when several chart of accounts exists
FIX: sql error using no category
FIX: SQL Injection CWE-89
FIX: Support or multicompany for sheduled jobs
FIX: Test on mandatory status when closing proposal failed
FIX: to allow IRPF not null even if main VAT is null.
FIX: update wrong datetime extrafield
FIX: Use priority to define order of sheduled jobs
FIX: various modulebuilder-related issues
FIX: view of balance before field
FIX: weird password autocompletion in Goocle Chrome (issue #8479)
FIX: weird password autocompletion in Google Chrome (issue #8479)
FIX: When clearing filter, we must not save tmp criterias in session
FIX: With x extrafields, request for multicompany label was done x times
FIX: several XSS
FIX: zip not filtered


FIX: 7.0 task contact card without withproject parameters
FIX: #8722
FIX: #8762
FIX: #8813
FIX: #8858 #8860 Backport better compatibility fix
FIX: #8893 to get formatted price as substitution vars
FIX: Avoid converting into reduction twice and draft invoice
FIX: bad result on fetch ProductStockEntrepot
FIX: Bad substitution key used for default send proposal email
FIX: button to pay still visible when amount null used
FIX: clause must not be there
FIX: Contact tab not visible when using canvas
FIX: dol_delete_file must work in a context without db handler loaded
FIX: entity test must be on product_fourn_price table and not product table
FIX: Fetch shipping will now fetch project id
FIX: If we enable 3 steps for supplier order approbation, we must not delete all fourn rights def.
FIX: intervention: extrafield error when calling insertExtrafields
FIX: It's not possible to remove a contact which is assigned to an event #8852
FIX: javascript showempty error
FIX: Keep supplier proposal price for supplier order
FIX: link for projets not linked to a thirdparties
FIX: Missing extrafields in export of stock or products
FIX: missing filters during ordering
FIX: missing filters during reordering
FIX: missing parenthesis
FIX: need to filter on aa.entity for same accounting accounts available in several entities
FIX: picto for type in product link in accountany list is wrong
FIX: Problems in accountancy module when using multicompany module.
FIX: proposal: missing contact type translation key
FIX: pu_ht_devise was not converted to numeric so decimals were lost when calculating total_ht_devise
FIX: Select user on add time spent form
FIX: shipment: fk_proje(c)t not handled in fetch() and update() methods
FIX: sometimes amounts are identical but php find them different.
FIX: supplier order: product supplier ref not saved on addline
FIX: test is_erasable() must be done before call function delete() too to avoid delete invoice with &action=delete in url
FIX: wrong var name $search_month_lim


FIX: #8984 button create expense report
FIX: #9032
FIX: #9161
FIX: #9328
FIX: According to french law, if seller is in France and buyer isn't in UE and isn't a company, TVA used = TVA product
FIX: Add calls to fetchComments function
FIX: better compatibility with multicompany
FIX: case when we valid form with keyboard
FIX: character making error on bill list
FIX: check !empty exclude select element
FIX: combo into popup become crazy with IE10
FIX: combo of stock in popup are crazy in IE
FIX: Deletion of files in migration
FIX: exclude element of the select
FIX: extrafieldkey
FIX: Fetch function will fetch comments
FIX: Fetch task will now fetch comments
FIX: filter supplier invoice list by societe name.
FIX: $fk_account is always empty, must be $soc->fk_account
FIX: Force stripe api version to avoid trouble if we update stripe api
FIX: getEntity project and not projet
FIX: Get templates in a forced language
FIX: global $mysoc missing (to avoid php notice on lines 279, 280 & 281)
FIX: Injection
FIX: invoice stats: situation invoices were not counted
FIX: keep context filter on contact list on change column displayed
FIX: Keep same project when creating shipping from order
FIX: langs fr
FIX: Lose filter on payment type or category after a sort on invoice list
FIX: Missing behavior
FIX: missing hook to edit sql
FIX: multicompany compatibility !
FIX: need to filter on current entity on replenish
FIX: page must always be 0 when we search (to avoid case : when we're on page 3 and we're looking for a precise thirdparty, we stay on page 3 and nothing's displaied)
FIX: Pagination on related item pages
FIX: Pagination on withdraw request list
FIX: PDF address: handle when contact thirdparty different from document thirdparty
FIX: PHP warning, undefined index notnull
FIX: Product marge tabs on product card
FIX: Product margin tab and credit note
FIX: propal: correctly preset project when creating with origin/originid
FIX: remain to pay for credit note was wrong on invoice list
FIX: remove debug
FIX: Remove fetchComments from project and task fetch function
FIX: remove rowid for multicompany compatibility
FIX: Search on Ref project on order list
FIX: search on ref project on propal list
FIX: showOptionals: column mismatches
FIX: SQL Injections reported by mu shcor (ADLab of Venustech)
FIX: stock replenish with multientity
FIX: table llx_chargessociales doesn't exists
FIX: we must see number of all shared projects
FIX: when stock is empty for current entity but > 0 in other entity, until this commit product wasn't displaied on replenishment, it must depends on multientity stock sharing
FIX: when we're just admin and not super admin, if we create new user with transverse mode, we don't see it then we can't add him in usergroup
FIX: wrong function name
FIX: Wrong position of firstname lastname
FIX: wrong value for module part and return access denied
FIX: Wrong variable and trigger name


FIX: #3234 - [Barcode] Can't change engine without javascript
FIX: #6580 - Product clone error
FIX: #8741 - Filter doesn't work on zip code field from contact and member lists
FIX: #9934 - Tracking field in dictionnary should not be mandatory
FIX: avoid Class 'AdherentType' not found
FIX: Can't create a thirdparty from member if customer code is mandatory.
FIX: Can't generate invoice pdf
FIX: contact/adress tab: when changing company ajax combo, the first contact change is not taken into account
FIX: Error generating ODT when option to use contact on doc on
FIX: Error reported when creation of thirdparty from member fails
FIX: filter on product category doesn't work
FIX: form actions: select_type_actions could be too small + bad  init
FIX: fourn payment modes musn't be available on customer docs
FIX: Function updatePrice with wrong parameters
FIX: If we change customer/supplier rule we can't edit old thirdparty.
FIX: Interface regression for bind people. Fix option MAIN_OPTIMIZEFORTEXTBROWSER
FIX: Lines are not inserted correctly if VAT have code
FIX: OppStatusShort doesn't exists
FIX: pdf typhon: order reference duplicate
FIX: propal pdf: missing parenthesis for customs code
FIX: Same on customer card
FIX: same on lines
FIX: Select first mail model by default
FIX: sql query performance on list_qualified_avoir_supplier_invoices.
FIX: task time screen: last fix was overkill
FIX: task time screen: prevent users with access to all project from assigning to tasks they're not allowed to do
FIX: use discount with multicurrency
FIX: Variable name
FIX: We want to be able to send PDF of paid invoices
FIX: When delete a product, llx_product_association rows are not deleted
FIX: wrong occurence number of contract on contact card, we must only count externals