A Favor to Ask From Fellow Dolibarrians

I work for a polymer manufacturing company (American Performance Polymers, LLC) here in the sleepy little state of N.H. (US) and I have been with this company now for almost 3 years. In the time I have been here they have never had anything to monitor their inventory, manufacturing orders, part numbers, customer relations or anything of the sort. I have spent the past few months populating a Dolibarr instance on a server I donated to the company. Importing parts, invoices, the whole nine yards. I am trying to convince our parent company that this particular software is what we will be needing from an ERP/CRM standpoint (as we are on an extremely strict budget). However, our CFO asked me to research what other companies actively use this ERP as their daily driver for production.
So my question to you all is this. If using Dolibarr as your ERP/CRM solution, what does your business do (manufacturing, sales, etc.)? If manufacturing, what do you manufacture?
Any tips?

What did you end up doing @S3v3nD34dly51ns ?

I’m running Dolibarr in a small Linux server hosted for just €4.74/md, but I also do IT professionally. I use Dolibarr along with some of my own forms for our little dance class nonprofit organisation. Both memberships, weekly classes as well as larger weekend workshops.

I only have services, and since I accept people manually I know how many are coming, so because of that I do not use stock management.

Ultimately the company filed for bankruptcy and released most of it’s employees due to bad financial planning.