Cancelled purchase order or Not approved (just validated PO) PDF with cancelled or not approved PO red fonts mark

When I started using dolibarr until i updated to V16, there was a feature in PDF file, where if PO is not approved and just validated, it would say in big red font, ORDER TO PROCESS, until order is not processed with Make order button. But it does not come any more.

Also, when a purchase order is cancelled, it stays as simple as normal PDF, it would be great if it comes with Order cancelled Red mark in top.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Hope to get solution on this? Anyone can help?
@ksar @eldy

You should have in top of pdf the status, so PO canceled. Don’t you have it ?

No , I dont see that. In face I dont see any status except in draft, like validated, approved, ordered, received, refused etc. None of this status comes to the PDF. I dont know which status is allowed in Dolibarr by default, but I can see the status of Draft (order to process in red).

I am using Version 16.0.3

@eldy Can you help here plz?

If you still have the trouble with v18.0.4, you should open an issue to request the expected behaviour.

How do you open an issue? Is it just another post in the forum? But I do not see any option like that when creating new post, its just simply different module with Using my dolibarr or share feedback or discussion between dolibarrians or for developers.

I think that @eldy meant to open an issue on Github