Close cash control box

Cash control box work by day it could be reset only next day is there any way to close the balance and start new balance within the same day?

This is also a requirement for us. If you have shift workers, this is a problem, shift 1 is working the morning, and needs to cash up, before shift 2 starts. Shift 2 needs to open the cash draw again, on the same day. You cannot use a different terminal, because in a restaurant you need to see the table display, so all the cash points need to be on terminal 1 to see the same tables. The terminal change could be an option, but you must see the same restaurant tables.

i am thinking if we can use POS cash control Ref# instead of date as the cash report looking for receipt date to report it could also look at Ref# instead but this need coding modification

that sounds like a good idea to me, but I also don’t use the TakePOS module.

Here’s some database content from 2 test I did

We need to add this ref to invoice to be collected in the cash report