Complementary Lines (products sold history) to show in Sales order


This is my second post about complementary lines,
were i am facing an issue, when selling product it will accure that the selling price will be different from the default set price but i cannot lock the price as the next time it maybe the same price again as before.

so what i need it a last sold price in the sales card, preferred i would like to use the Complementery lines as this is very easy to use and the data is already in Dolibarr.

some images for example,

Product Name = Test product 1
Default sales price = 10,-

needs to be


When you go into the customer card the data is already there in related items.

by useing the filter on the procduct it’s possible to get the Product and Date

Does any know how to add this in unit price (Last column) into the Last sold price = ?

i cannot find this data in the product itself as per my previous post

Hope someone is able to help again :slight_smile: