Complimentary attributes - filtering list items dependent upon selected item of another list

I am trying to create product forms with dynamically populated lists with relevant options for selection by data entry officers.

The test-case I am using is stocking computer hardware and software. If the item ‘Type’ is Hardware, the ‘Category’ list should filter out Software categories and vice-versa.

I am attempting to use the ‘Select list’ syntax for a “list depending on another complementary attribute list”, with the Category list structured as:


However, the Category list does not dynamically update subject to the selection of the Type list.

Can anyone advise whether the select list syntax I am using is correct, or should I be using an alternative field type than ‘Select list’ in order to achieve dynamic lists, or whether this is a bug?

Category complimentary attribute

Type complimentary attribute

As can be seen below, the Category list is not updated dependent upon the selection of the Type list.

Type: Hardware - Category list shows all entries (4x Hardware)

Type: Software - Category list still shows all entries (4x Hardware)

The Category list also saves incorrectly:

For those struggling with this, I finally got it to work.

My First List
Label or translation key = Catagory
Attribute code = catagory
Type = Select list
Value =

2,Power Supply

(Note no spaces)

My Second List (is dependent on what is selected in the first list)

Label or translation key = Spec
Attribute code = spec
Type = Select list

Value =


(Note No Spaces, Use Pipe Symbol, Use underscore, Use colon)

Basically we are saying If option 1 (CPU) is selected in the first list then only show AMD or Intel, If option 2 (power supply) is selected in the first list then only show 750W or 500W

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