Dolibarr on linux with nginx and postgresql

i have successfully installed Dolibarr 12.0.5 on linux with nginx and postgresql 14, everything seems fine i dont get any errors, i have many questions but lets start with the first one; if i want to create new group and user, it doesnt create any, and i dont get any error, it just simply doesnt create it.
i fill Last name, First name, Login and Employment Start Date then i hit save button but nothing changes.
what could possibly go wrong?

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for more information you can activate the debugs logs module in Setup, Modules/Applications function
then you will have more information about what is happening with your system

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Thank you for reply, how can i use it after enabling debugs/logs module?
this is what i get after i click save button on create group section;


i think Dolibarr is not 100% compatible with Postgresql!

i thought it is maybe an old version issue so i decided to upgrade to V15 which is not labeled as latest on github, i am in trouble right now;
please see: Can not upgrade topic

i upgrade it to V15 with errors which i mentioned in Can not upgrate topic i still have the same problems so i will delete everything and start over with V15.

ugrading to V15 did not solved the problem, i still have the same problem, can not create group and user, i did not get it.

Here is log file if you are interested;

Postgresql 14 is installed but Dolibarr’s libpq version 12.9 is it something related to this?

Ok, i installed on MariaDb from scratch, it is the same, nothing is changed!!, what is wrong with Dolibarr or what is the thing i am doing wrong?
@eldy can you check? please.

No way to reproduce your trouble.
Are you sure you are using a valid supported PHP version (so between 5.6.0 and 7.4.*) ?

the php version is 7.4.3. i installed from scratch 2 times, 1st on postgresql and 2nd on Mariadb, i had problem on both of them. and i saw on forum there are other people had the same problem one of them; Can't create anything

@aljawaid @eldy
it is not a database issue because i activated Resources Module and created a resource successfully on postgresql but i can not create Group, User, Product or any other.

The log file you sent is ok
But you did not make any group or user creation, so there is no errors !!!

Actually i am trying to create things but it just refresh the page and nothing is created, and there is nothing on debug or log files. That is simply this. i will record the screen and post here to show you.

@pcbleu , @eldy , @aljawaid ,
here is the 6 minute video shows it from the beginning;


Is it possible to access one of your instance that fails remotely ? If yes can you send me credentials in PM ?

i am afraid not, because it is behind CGNAT at home, but i can send whole virtual instance, it is ~4GB something as OVA . it has postgresql, mariadb, nginx and 2 different setup of Dolibarr inside. Nothing special for me.

i’ve sent you the link of whole instance with credentials.

@eldy did you had time to check it?

Sorry, I have no way to diagnose since i have no way to reproduce. Everything works correctly with postgresql on my side.
Do you have a proxy or some plugins on you browser that modify your http requests ?