Dolibarr's community help is insufficient

i had several problems, most importantly i couldnt start to use Dolibarr, i even can not create users and products, and the respond i got is nothing, so how can i form my business around Dolibarr? i saw many Topics with no solved answers, are you guys keeping answers for your self? yes i am aware there is a paid service for help, but why community then? Community will help Dolibarr to improve in order to get help, it is win win.

see1: Dolibarr on linux with nginx and postgresql
see2: Can not upgrade from V13 to V14 - #3 by Dolierp
see3: Can't create anything
see4: New users subscription

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Whilst yes we agree that responses may be slow but it is all voluntary time from the contributors. You should also remember that all setups of Dolibarr are unique.

Your profile registration of just two days ago at the point of writing this post just reflects your frustration in setting up Dolibarr, which is understandable.

Give the community some time, but looking at your links, I strongly feel that the failure to setup Dolibarr appears to be server-related. I’m not so technical, but if it is not php, then I would look into the database side of things.