Dolibarr taking too long to execute commands

As soon as I have upgraded to v18.0.1, my CRM is taking too long to do everything: adding products, adding line item to invoice, everything is taking much longer than before.
Kindly resolve this issue.

which platform do you run it on? linux? windows? OS version? PHP version? where did you get the software from? Are you using docker?

what happens if you log into the terminal of your server and look at the processes? are any of those taking up a lot of CPU? or memory?

Thanks for replying. After investigation, I have discovered that this was not because of Dolibarr; it was due to some settings issues in Cloudflare.
The matter is resolved.

Hi there. Thinking of putting my own Dolibarr installation under Cloudflare. Are you please able to tell me which particular issues were giving you problems? Might save others from enduring the same fate. Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to provide.