Dolibarr V11 is out!

Version of branch 11.0 of Dolibarr ERP & CRM is available.

Version 11 is a major release with a lot of new features for both users and developers. You can find it on our download mirror on sourceforge. A lot of major features were introduced into this version.

For a more detailed list of changes, you can take a look at the Wiki or the ChangeLog

Have a good day !


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Thank You guys for all the hard work… v11 is very nice looking!

The home page looks a lot more modern now and there are a lot of small changes that are very helpful getting information with less clicks (just mouse hover). The change made to the look of the status column on Order lists is wonderful, it is much easier to see at a quick glance what is open, shipped, received… etc.

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Olá a todos!

Parabéns Equipe Dolibarr pela nova versão, além de mais atraente, algumas ações ficaram mais simples (com menos cliques). O novo módulo MRP é bem interessante, estou testando e ajustando minhas produções com ele!


Hello everyone!

Congratulations Team Dolibarr for the new version, besides being more attractive, some actions are simpler (with less clicks). The new MRP module is very interesting, I am testing and adjusting my productions with it.


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Hello Dolibarr Community,

Thank you for this new release!

My name is Philip and I am a Developer at Spartan Net in East Lansing, Michigan USA. We just picked up Dolibarr as a back-office development project. We have a team of developers getting familiar with the Dolobarr project. We are looking for any Dolibarr project leaders that we can establish network relationships with as we transform Dolibarr into our ERP/CRM company tool.


The Dolibarr version 11.0.1 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

:warning: The update is recommanded since it is resolving security problem that has been publicaly reported (CVE-2020-7994). The security problem is evaluated as Medium.

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.1 compared to 11.0.0 *****
FIX: advanced target emailing sql and ergonomy.
FIX: After import of a website template, home page was not set.
FIX: Avoid deletion of bank record if in accounting
FIX: compatibility with multicompany (avoid duplicate data)
FIX: Confusion between 'bank reconciled' and 'accounted'. Show both data.
FIX: Count of Stripe payment mode must take test/live into account
FIX: Creation of Stripe card from backoffice must return a clean message
FIX: CVE-2019–17223
FIX: CVE-2019–17223 
FIX: CVE-2020-7994
FIX: CVE Need permission to be able to develop modules
FIX: #13053
FIX: Disable ticket status change if ticket closed
FIX: doc of dictionnary API
FIX: expedition ceate line new parameter is not required.
FIX: export ledger
FIX: FEC export have specific name
FIX: Filenames must not contains non ascii char or we will get non ascii
FIX: Filter on list of events were lost after "Back to list"
FIX: hasDelay for retained warranty
FIX: If we can change vendor status, we must be able to chane vendor code
FIX: links in products/services index
FIX: Log of authentication ok or ko + CVE-2020-7996
FIX: Look and feel v11
FIX: Mail smtps truncated if content has a line with single .
FIX: missing hook parameter
FIX: Missing include
FIX: need weight short label in shipping doc
FIX: Picture of contact not visible in tooltip
FIX: Problem with column label in subscription list
FIX: ref_client not visible in tooltip.
FIX: search filter on extrafields were not restored after "Back to list"
FIX: situation invoice: allow excess paid to be converted to discount
FIX: situation invoice: bad amount for previous payments because of local variable overwriting a more global one
FIX: situation invoice: can't convert excess received to discount & bad previous payment amount
FIX: SQL request and phpunit
FIX: Update export_files.php
FIX: Use ref into label of ticket message
FIX: use "usergroup" instead of "user"
FIX: Warning on admin/export_files
FIX: #10203
FIX: default filtering for 'select' extrafields should use "=", not "LIKE"
FIX: #11975 When a product is split between multiple pages in a document, prices/quantity/etc appear on the last relevant page
FIX: #12760 #12763 #12755 #12765 #12751
FIX: #12874
FIX: #12892
FIX: #12908 User login with credentials from self-subscription form fails
FIX: #12932
FIX: #12966
FIX: #12973
FIX: #12974
FIX: #12975
FIX: #12978
FIX: #12986
FIX: #12991
FIX: #12992
FIX: #12995
FIX: #13018 Extrafields Supplier invoice
FIX: #13019
FIX: #13022
FIX: #13028
FIX: #13038 ExpenseReport PDF - custom category description is not correct
FIX: #13046 More complete
FIX: #13048
FIX: #13050
FIX: #13077 Replace left join with inner join (left join was useless)
FIX: #13085
FIX: #13094
FIX: #13096
FIX: #13100
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Hi Playcock.
As we are a community project, establishing a network means: Being present on the github (PR, issue) and forum. You can also be on the linkedin of Dolibarr project so you can get contact suggestion of other Dolibarr developers.

Thank you Eldy. Those are good directives to be more established within the Dolibarr community. I look forward to networking with you and the rest of the community.

The Dolibarr version 11.0.2 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.2 compared to 11.0.1 *****
FIX: #10309
FIX: #13110
FIX: #13118
FIX: #13124
FIX: #13131
FIX: #13135
FIX: #13146 #13198
FIX: #13175
FIX: #13182
FIX: #13183
FIX: #13184
FIX: #13263
FIX: #13267
FIX: an external user can not approve
FIX: API Get list of documents for supplier_invoice
FIX: API to push an expense report
FIX: API upload/download doc for expensereport
FIX: Avoid to download the export if we just press enter to refresh form
FIX: Bad link to template invoices
FIX: Bad sort link in accounting report
FIX: Bad translation for productlot EatBy and SellBy
FIX: better method to check user rights AND usergroup rights !
FIX: CA by product list filter
FIX: Disable js if no javascript
FIX: duplicate class name into some log lines
FIX: etrafield with visibilty=5 were not in read only.
FIX: excess paid from situation invoices not counted when calculating remain to pay.
FIX: Force FEC export to txt format.
FIX: Free input for email no more visible.
FIX: Keep assigned users in session when loading projects and tasks
FIX: List of viewed projects too large in task widget.
FIX: Menu truncated. Add tooltip to have all content.
FIX: Missing field "billed" in export.
FIX: missing "statut" for getNomUrl() function
FIX: modFournisseur is required by modSupplierProposal
FIX: Multicompany compatibility
FIX: must be == and not =
FIX: option for topbar search and bookmarks
FIX: some responsive troubles
FIX: round MT in accountancy books
FIX: search with '0'
FIX: sort link
FIX: SQL Overload in default contact trigger.
FIX: SQl syntax error.
FIX: Submit of documents for supplier invoices.
FIX: timezone must be tzserver and not tzuser as on contract card
FIX: token in barcode tools page missing
FIX: Type of contact for event does not exists and not supported
FIX: Type of contact not saved when creating a contact
FIX: typo on ckeck method
FIX: undefined function measuringUnitString in product list
FIX: Usage of project not available in export.
FIX: wrong test
FIX: z-index for moretabsList with constant MAIN_MAXTABS_IN_CARD
FIX: Use GETPOST instead of POST
FIX: HTML Injection
FIX: Visualization rights correction on last modified contacts box.
FIX: Vulnerability in module from modulebuilder.
FIX: Vulnerability reported by code16
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The Dolibarr version 11.0.3 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.3 compared to 11.0.2 *****
FIX: unit price for selected supplier products not set. NaN was used.
FIX: use bad var to check if total is positive for each VAT rate when validating an invoice
FIX: status missing from last customer invoices box when using MAIN_STATUS_USES_CSS
FIX: translations for "orders" not loaded in the homepage box
FIX: #13194
FIX: #13274 cannot add or update 0 value for an int or double extrafield
FIX: #13285 SQL error during migration with pgsql
FIX: #13294
FIX: #13313
FIX: Clone Fourn Command, add line's extrafields
FIX: cols parameter not propagated to tpl
FIX: CSRF error when creating an intervention
FIX: date order was -1D and desc with label repetition
FIX: empty of series in graph of product distribution
FIX: fk_type subscription list via api REST
FIX: link when using anchor on "/" in website module
FIX: menu export document was not visible when using "simple accounting"
FIX: missing class declaration
FIX: missing global $conf
FIX: Missing token in some forms (avoid unset POST errors)
FIX: params of setEventMessage($langs->trans('ErrorProductClone')...
FIX: Remove unexisting link
FIX: mass action on stock movements
FIX: substitute lines dates values on doc generator (ODT, ...)
FIX: Ticket - Load Cache Messages Ticket, wrong message's status
FIX: Ticket Public  - Private messages are displayed
FIX: wrong include - replace extrafields_create.tpl.php to extrafields_add.tpl.php

The Dolibarr version 11.0.4 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.4 compared to 11.0.3 *****
FIX: #13749
FIX: #7594
FIX: #7594 Expense report multi pagebreak
FIX: Access to undeclared static property: Contact::$table_element
FIX: actions on supplier proposal not saved (bad trigger name)
FIX: Add function "completeTabsHead" to "addreplace" type hook.
FIX: All forms must use newToken()
FIX: Another "Access to undeclared static property: Contact::$table_element" && "Societe::$table_element"
FIX: author search supplier proposal list
FIX: A variable was erased by a temporary variable
FIX: Avoid infinite loop when a fetch is inside a compute field.
FIX: Backto link
FIX: Bad position of total in column
FIX: bad value in currency into discount created from down payment
FIX: buyprice extrafield langfile and tooltip
FIX: Buyprice was updated only if min price for this qty had same qty
FIX: Can switch from double to price type for extrafields
FIX: Can use decimal value in virtual products
FIX: child categories only with good entity rights
FIX: cloning of emailing when no content selected
FIX: closing tags
FIX: Combo list of available users to filter on the list of leaves.
FIX: Compatibility with multicompany, bad numerotation of task.
FIX: consistency of price w/wo vat wrong when price entered with tax
FIX: default value of selectMasssAction broken
FIX: draftordered replenish virtual stock
FIX: Error update SQL into stock reception
FIX: expensereport status in generated pdf
FIX: extra date field incorrect check
FIX: Extrafields of type price must be '' and not '0' if not defined
FIX: Foreign currency lost when splitting a discount
FIX: get remain to pay with rounding decimals
FIX: gzip and bzip2 must use option -f
FIX: IHM, unexpected quote
FIX: keep viewstatut for doli 3.5
FIX: Link missing into email of some notification
FIX: Look and feel v11
FIX: md stylesheet to be included by external modules like eldy
FIX: missing array option
FIX: missing default accountancy product buy code
FIX: missing fk_bank during export of suppliers invoices
FIX: missing member entity
FIX: missing selectedlines on supplier order but checkbox are displayed
FIX: Missing token and take into account max date when it can.
FIX: model export list must be sorted by label
FIX: Must escape shell
FIX: Must exclude logs and some dirs for compressed backup
FIX: ordered stock already in $stock
FIX: picture migration script from doli 9.0
FIX: print pictures on shipment docs
FIX: product get purchase prices
FIX: product purchase prices
FIX: Protection when database has a corrupted product id
FIX: remove unused var, $usercancreate can be change by Multicompany
FIX: replenish stock to buy
FIX: Sanitizing menu parameter
FIX: Send email from bulk action of list of thirdparties
FIX: setup of suggested payment mode on proposals and orders
FIX: Several pb in export of documents
FIX: Situation invoice take into account the credit notes.
FIX: some others modules (like subtotal) use other product_type than 0 or 1 AND must not be considered in this report
FIX: sort by default role makes no sense
FIX: sort on company on member list
FIX: TakePOS buying price
FIX: text version of html emailing (removed the body style)
FIX: The "test smtp connectivity" failed on page to setup mass emailing
FIX: Error logs an Orderline::delete error, but this is an Orderline::insert error
FIX: Translation of tooltips of extrafields
FIX: Use getNomURL instead of hard coded link. Fix limit.
FIX: Use of image into free text for PDF if DOL_DATA_DIR is outside of
FIX: viewstatut to search status
FIX: we must export company mail address on contact vcard only if contact email address is empty
FIX: when we filter a list on a view status, we want this filter to be on bookmark that we create
FIX: Wrong Sql on getListOfTowns api method
FIX: wrong user right's name to top menu "commercial"
FIX: XSS Vulnerability

Hi there,

It’s really hard work they have done to bring V11.0.4 ,

Major things are missing

  1. Delivery note …since the materials have been delivered to customer need to sign deliverynote for the delivered and outstanding items. it will be helpfull

  2. email interfacing, to have an email inbox through dolibarr

  3. project relation and manpower allocation , since only gantt available , if other tools are available it could be much better.

and the end

Wish to thank Dev for their efforts on keeping things updated.


The Dolibarr version 11.0.5 is out !

You can download it from SourceForge.

***** ChangeLog for 11.0.5 compared to 11.0.4 *****
FIX: $arraydefaultmessage is an object, as well as in /htdocs/core/class/html.formmail.class.php
FIX: 10.0 - pagination in prelevement/bons.php
FIX: 10.0 - undefined $langs if template file copy fails during activation of modContrat
FIX: 11.0 - fatal with postgres on contact/agenda.php
FIX: 11.0 - multicurrency amount not fetched when fetching payments from llx_paiement or llx_paiementfourn
FIX: 11.0 - when using pdftk as per hidden conf USE_PDFTK_FOR_PDF_CONCAT, check that the file exists before displaying a success message
FIX: #13841
FIX: #13877 - Can validate invoice if there is a credit note with VAT 0% on an invoice with other lines with a VAT non 0%
FIX: #13968
FIX: #14001
FIX: #14002
FIX: 9.0 - delete unused mandatory argument from migrate_clean_association: argument count mismatch causes a fatal error since php7
FIX: 9.0 - fatal during migration from 3.1 using PHP 7
FIX: Accountancy - Binding index - Add a filter on sql request for module Subtotal & Jalon
FIX: avoid error "Call to undefined function measuringUnitString()"
FIX: BlindBoolean SQL injection reported by Christian Weiler
FIX: Can create a credit note on situation invoice if previous is also
FIX: can install module even if (x) was appended during download.
FIX: copy value date of VariousPayment onto the new AccountLine
FIX: count of open day when date and start are not open should be 0
FIX: Default bank account was not loaded for document generation.
FIX: Do not show stats panel if the user does not have permissions
FIX: Fix link of the button to create a credit note and fix the awareness of a error that happen when wo create a credit note
FIX: force rounding 2 on export ld compta
FIX: free text on cash desk
FIX: links into emails of notifications
FIX: missing file manifest.json.php
FIX: missing GetNomURL Hook in warehouse class
FIX: missing hook init + table class + $page not set
FIX: missing rollbacks on trigger bad return
FIX: missing translation value for key "NoMorePredefinedProductToDispatch"
FIX: percent must be displayed on one line
FIX: php error if multicompany disabled
FIX: Privilege escalation reported by wizlynx WLX-2020-011
FIX: replace filter parameter "none" by "restricthtml"
FIX: Rounding Total TVA in "crabe" model pdf
FIX: Show ref_customer, amount on contract link object
FIX: Site has moved to https://
FIX: Tickets mail models doesn't work
FIX: vulnerability reported by wizlynx WLX-2020-012
FIX: We must only rename current bank receipt
FIX: when creating a VariousPayment, the value date is not copied onto the AccountLine that gets created at the same time, so the bank transaction's value date will be the payment date instead of the payment's value date
FIX: wrong url param
FIX: XSS using the renaming of .noexe files - reported by Nolan.

I m currently on 11. 04
I m trying to figure out what this means :
FIX: Can create a credit note on situation invoice if previous is also

Also, in the diverse parameters, I d love to know how the following related parameter is meant?