DoliDroid, your Dolibarr on Android is now free

DoliDroid is a front end client to use your online hosted instance of Dolibarr ERP & CRM software (Open-source web software to manage your business). It is not a standalone program. You need to have the Dolibarr ERP and CRM web application already installed somewhere (on premise, on the cloud). DoliDroid will make usage of your online existing instance more funny to use on a smartphone…
The project is now free: Free as in speach (application is available as an Open Source software) and free as in beer (you can download and use it at no cost).

Quick presentation in Video of DoliDroid…

Why using DoliDroid instead of the native web application

dolibarr_boxDolibarr ERP CRM already works great on any brwoser, any device. So why using a mobile application for this ?
You may find several answers on this page: Dolibarr ERP or CRM On A Smartphone: Using DoliDroid vs Native Browser vs Other smartphone Application

This is a summary of characteristics of DoliDroid:

  • DoliDroid is not a duplicated code of Dolibarr for Android, but rewamps your Dolibarr web installation, so all your online existing features are supported by this application. This is also true for external modules features.
  • Upgrading Dolibarr will not break DoliDroid.
  • DoliDroid use embedded image resources of your version, when available, to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • DoliDroid use internal cache for pages that should not change during session (like menu page)
  • Connections parameters (login/password) are saved. No need to enter them each time you use DoliDroid.
  • Integration with your phone or other applications is better (Clicking on a PDF opens the PDF reader, clicking onto email or phone launch your email application or launch Android dialer, …)
    • A lot of other enhancement make usability of your Dolibarr from a smartphone better like:
    • Save spaces of the menus bars by replacing the menu with a button always visible to choose your meny entry more friendly.
    • Provide a button, always available, to make a quick search on any item.
    • All visible date use year on 2 chars instead of 4 to save you space.
    • When the popup calendar is opened, the keyword is no more opened if not required like it is on a common browser.
    • Components that provide help information on mouse hover are hidden to save space (they are useless without a mouse).
    • A lot of other not useful information are hidden.
  • DoliDroid is an Open Source project (licence GPLv3). See next point.

DoliDroid is also an Open Source project

dolibarr_boxDoliDroid is also vailable unde the GPLv3+ license, an Open Source license approved by OSI. You can find complete sources of DoliDroid on GitHub:

Feel free to fork the project and contribute…

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Great thanks. I love the introduction too (to make it perfect though: “free speech” and not “speach” which is an ancient form of the word I believe)