Export Tool for Project not working!

The Export Tool, exporting Project is not working!
The report is returning empty value?

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Check the fields you select. If you select a field of a task and your project has no task, it will return nothing.

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If only selecting field from Project and not task, Its still returns empty?

Hi, I am new and interested in dolibarr.

I have dolibarr 3.5.4 installed and created 3 projects where one contains a task (progress 100%).

When exporting, regardless of choosing some or all the fields, the excel/csv only contains the field titles.

I also tried exporting and during filtering, I choose a project id, it still returns empty.

Can you help?


I am facing the same issue with Dolibarr 12.0.3
Complementary Attributes of Resources module not included while exporting