Hide the prices from the facture/invoice

Hi i want to hide the prices from invoices / facture
Like i want to choose if showing it or not…

@eelx001 then it is not really an invoice, is it?

hmmm so is there any way to do it…

is it not just a shipping note you are looking for

what do u mean by this

i see system like Order-Shipping-invoice and order is with price like invoice

so is there a way to hide it?

Try the shipment PDF. This gives only products and services and the quantity bought or to be shipped

Not as far as I know. You could dig into the code of the PDF generator and make a copy with an other name, that you modify so that the prices are not printed. But I’m as curios as the others, what is the purpose, because if there are no prices, it is per definition not an invoice?