Hosting issue with


i have transfer files through filezilla file client and me noteiced 3 unsuccessfull file transfer
when me try yo loggin dollibarr is not activated.

pls see message me recived from

Please note that you have successfully uploaded your files. Unfortunately there are no valid files which you can access to install your website. Please contact the developers of your application for further assistance.

kindly assist me with hosting issue

Good Morning,

Did you unzip all of the files before or after you transfered? I would be happy to help you if you have more information as to what you are trying to do/achreave.

Kind Regards
Paul Haddock

kindly clarify what more information you need.,

Could you go throught the process you went through for uploading? Would you be ok sharing your Domain name also?

Thank you

zip Files downloded from sourceforge
using filezilla client file transfered

but when me tries to acces on web me fails


You need to upload only the htdocs folder of the archive.

I was just about to say the same. and will then need to follow the correct path

pls check these are the files ???



After upload you will be able to launch the installation by browsing the folder with your web browser

That is correct :slight_smile: Copy this folder accross then follow the path

how are you
at last me success to host my Dolibar see next problem me facing

kindly lead me


Check the connexion to the database in the file conf/conf.php

hi pls see how to solve this issue
kindly guide me


Your PHP doesn’t support intl extension
You can ask your hosting company to install it


Is there is any option to change configuration in PhP intl settings?

But this is only a warning, you can install Dolibarr anyway
It is only the internationalization part :

how to resolve this ssue

Access Denied = Wrong User or Wrong password

Hi ksar
enterd to step 2 ., now see the new issues
pls see attached.


Create is denied for your MYSQL user.
Check the rights of the user.