How to install on Shared Server (asking super user password during fresh install)

How to install a fresh in a shared server, as it asks for Super User Password to setup database

yes, that is the password you use to configure your database system and create a database for dolibarr and a database user for dolibarr.

Which platform are you running Dolibarr on?

If you have a database already provisioned and you know the passwords. dolibar table prefixes start with llx_???, yours is different. With this difference, you can use dolibarr in the same database with a single username and password.

Sorry for the delayed reply, as was roaming outside of my country.

My Hosting Server runs on Amazon Cloud Platform.
As during direct upload of files on my server and subsequent running of installer, it asks for superuser password, and for security reasons, my web hosting does not share it with user.

Ultimately I had to run Softaculous Auto installer provided by my web hosting company in control panel to install Dolibarr.