Images and the system does not load when trying to access via an external browser

Hello dear !! Server instaled php 8.2 ubuntu 22.04

Please, tell me in fix this problem. When I try to access my dolibarr environment local its ok, but externol browser show erro not found. What I can fix this?

which platform do you run it at?

what error does your webserver show in it’s log?

can the webserver read the files?

Server instaled php 8.2 ubuntu 22.04

About logs, I can try to see.


Ok, I just removed the www.

It’s quiet simple your $dolibarr_main_url_root variable is not good in conf/conf.php file
it should be $dolibarr_main_url_root='';

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Thank you for your attentiton.
Do you can send me, please, the link orientation with step by step to fix this, I searched but not can to see.