Is Dolibarr a good choice for a security company?

Hey, how effective is Dolibarr for a firm with a few staff and 50+ customers? I live in Bangalore and work in a fire alarm installation and maintenance services firm. Unfortunately, most of the fire alarm services in Bangalore are not using ERP software, so it is not easy to choose one with a good track record in this field. I know Dolibarr is great open-source software, but I am unsure whether it is apt for small service agencies.
So far, we have never thought of getting an ERP or ERM software, but next year we seem to get a few more clients. And we would like to focus on maintaining a healthy customer relationship. So 2022 will be a big turning point for us as an organization. We are even thinking of starting moving parts on a small scale as an experiment. Before hitting 2022, we need to decide on ERP and cyber security software.

Depends on your business workflow proces really. Dolibarr is suitable for any business generally. As the application is modular, you can enable or disabe modules within dolibarr core which affect your business and provide or remove functions and features.

I use Dolibarr for a product retail business. I can say it would work fine for a services-based or non-profit too but if you have specific needs, check the demo.