Login after installation


Who can help me i installed dolibarr for the first time.
I dit not changed any setting during the installation.
No when i start the programme it opens and ask me for a login?
standard it gives me as username admin but whats the pasword to get in?
Its installed on the local host.

I could not change anything during the instalation
i fond on the site that it should be user: admin
password: changeme
that was also the insert during the installation i could not change
but i cant login with this combination

check your config file for the login details. it is in [code]

On this day, i’ve installed Dolibarr through Docker.
Default credentials for this instance was : admin / admin
Some would try those too : admin / changeme

Hi, do You find a way to change that admin password? I can’t find any option in dashboard.

Dashboard ? Why would there be this option in the dashboard ?

I hope that you have find it since your post.

It is the same place for all the other web apps : to your profile.
In Dolibarr, you need to edit your card. Click modify and find the field password.

I facing problem in installinf Dolibarr at Shared Hosting.

yeah that might be an issue.

What kind of problems are you facing?

ps: My dolibarr runs in a small Virtual Private Server at hetzner.com which I only pay 4.74€ / md for.