Modified US Language file

I have modified the US language file if anyone is interested or thinks this would be better verbiage for the US version of Dolibarr. I have many years of experience with databases and warehousing and some of the translation in the current file is not 100% for what is typically used in the US for Purchasing and Deliveries.
Following changes have been made:

  • Commercial = Orders
  • Supply Orders=Purchase Orders
  • Fabrication=Picking List
  • Delivery Order=Delivery Receipt
  • Connect=Login (for the main login screen)

I am new to the Dolibarr community and really enjoy using this software. The customizing and ease of use with this software is amazing!! :sunglasses:

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Thanks. Your contrib is valuable for us as the us version should be better.
I included your changes into official version for next version.
I have still a doubt on “Supplier” replaced with “Vendor”. Can you confirm as i look at one of our competitor software and they use the term “Supplier” instead of “Vendor”.

Also the top menu “Commercial”. The goal is to provide an area with features for sales representative but is no limited to “Order”, you can find contract management, intervention management, and also quotation requests, that’s why we don’t use the term “Order”. Do you have a better term than “Order” so we understand it contains all objects related to Customer or Supplier relationships.

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I agree with you on the “Vendor” change, that it should remain “Supplier”. I actually meant to change that back before the post.
–In a wholesale house environment (which is what I am currently configuring for), they usually refer to the suppliers as vendors, but that is specific to that industry and as Dolibarr has been setup to non specific to any one industry, it makes more sense to keep it as it.

The “Commercial” header is a more difficult one to have a good word to describe the category. In most systems I have used and/or tested, the Purchase Orders and Sales Order functions where separate so the verbiage was a bit different. I really like the consolidation of Sales, purchasing… etc, but the term “Commercial” in the US is not usually used for what this heading refers to and confused not only me a little at first, but those I am training as well. Again… I agree with you on that Orders may not be the best choice of word to use due to other options that we are not currently using at this time being activated in that category. Usually the word commercial is used in context with advertising, but there are cases of it being used in business as in a “commercial bid”. I would think a better term would be “Commerce” as this refers to exchanging of goods and services and social relations.
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As a reference perhaps we can pull all the terms from other popular US based Accounting ERP systems as a cross comparision

I have included a screen shot from Quickbooks.

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Thank you for taking a crack at this, I have looked at Dolibarr several times over the years, and I couldn’t even get past the Demo phase due to not having a US language version. For US individuals we stay far away from any non US product on the accounting side, so without an US version that is drop easy, it is American tendancy to look for a US created solution. Thus a language file will go a long way to over come this.

I’m a bit confused about this, I have been using Dolibarr since v6.x (we had to do a little translation), since 7.x it has been pretty nice and seems to be getting better with every release.

The translation seems to have come a long way. We have been using and supporting Dolibarr for quite a few years now and have done little translation since v7.x.

I may be interested in devoting some of my staff here in the US to helping out a bit with the translation. As I mentioned so far not much is bothering me (the occasional grammar problem is acceptable). if you have some examples of what is bothering you it would be a good place to start.

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If you want to help improving translation go there :

Thanks! two of us will be working on the English (US) translations as soon as we get approved, we have a couple of weeks of downtime here so its good to keep people busy ;).

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Chris W.

The term “Commercial” has been renamed to “Commerce” according to your suggestion for v11.
Delivery Order will be Delivery receipt too.

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