Multiple SKUs


I’m trying to determine the best way to accomplish this and since I’m new to the software, I feel like I’m probably missing an obvious answer to this.

The company we are developing for has multiple products that consist of multiple parts. There are variations in the parts that cause some to affect pricing and some that don’t. Their main goal is to streamline their current archaic manual system to a modern system.

I’m wondering if there is already a way to do this, or if this will need to be developed as a custom module?

In the interest of protecting the client, I can’t disclose the exact product line. However, a similar real world example would be cars. There are different car companies and each of their cars contains parts that are sourced from different manufacturers. If you were to try and create a way to both choose the car model and the various features (the features originating from different suppliers with different prices and SKUs depending on size, color, etc.) how would you suggest going about it with this software?

Just to be clear, I’m not asking anyone to write the code for us. I just want to know if there is already something that does this, or parts of it that we could combine, etc. I’m already assuming that we will need to create a custom module for the steps of choosing the parts, but maybe that exists too already?

Thank you in advance and hopefully I articulated this clearly. :happy:

Hi da2310,
If you search over the features of the application you will find the answer of your questions. For example: you will have a module for products and services, more here: Products, Services

Once you configure your system you can use the posibility to create virtual products “for your cars” and product variants to manage the color, size, etc of sub products. Of course you can manage multiple SKUs for different suppliers.


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