Project, overview, PROFIT - why are purchase orders not negative?

Under projects, select a project, go to overview tab and look under PROFIT. Why are the purchase orders not negative? The expense reports are, and I’d expect purchase orders to be negative too.



Unlike expense reports, Purchase orders may have goods supplied counted as assets to the project. Do you think they should be negative ?


I partly see your point.

In my use cases I’m hiring a band or renting a venue, so while we could potentially resell that, for us it is an expense, and the tickets we sell are an income.

Tickets are sold as a service sales order to thirdparties which are customers, where as the band is a vendor thirdparty.

I don’t really like using expense reports for thirdparty expenses.

What happens in the accounting? are purchase orders also there counted as positive? Also, wouldn’t any goods purchased be counted as an expense in the given year, but also be put on the company balance sheet if it has any prolonged worth?