Somethings are not listed like :Job position, and city, in hrm

somethings are not listed they are just a textbox, i want to show it as a menu how can i do that ?
like Job position, City??


You need to define them in Dictionaries.

If you are an Admin, then for example to add the list of Job positions, use : Setup > Dictionaries > HRM - Job positions.

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thank you for your reply but there’s nothing of what you said!
here we can see that job position
and here Dictionaries, first i cann’t see the HRM section second there is no Job positions.

hope you can help me, thank you

Just trying to answer in @eldy 's style :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “there is nothing of what you said !”

Check whether you have enabled all required modules in setup > modules/applications


thank you for your reply, i’ve enabled all the HRM modules and i don’t see the HRM-Job Positions
what version is this??

Are you using Dolibarr v15.0 ?
The feature may be still in experimental status.
Try to go on home - setup - other and set MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL to value 1
Then disable, reenable module HRM.

thank you for your reply, helped a lot !
but the main problem that I’m facing is some options are not showing as a menu like job position and city !!??

i don’t know how to let it show as menu not a text box !!

Please can you reply @eldy @RiseValInfotech

I have the same problem. Did you find any solution?
Dolibarr 17.0.1

Okay, only 7 months old … I’d suggest that you try in 18.0.4

Yes, before updating I try the same case at version 18.0.4 on demo site

Login @ 18.0.4 (admin/pass)

and found same problem. Job position still a text box and do not display Jobs Profiles.

Currently this is the expected behaviour to have a free text for the job position of a user. Which job profile list do you expect to see as combo list ? The job profile of the module recruitment ? of the module HR used by skill management ?

Hello thank you for the definitive answer. The “new user” and “new employee” forms are the same. So I expected to asign a job profile to a user or to an employee. Both list are displayed in User module and same list at HRM module - Employee list. Why employee should have an other Job position diferent to created ones ?