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I have created the timesheet Module, But it is always good to have user feedback on the Dolibstore version but also on the on-going ones. there is already a thread on the FR Forum (http://www.dolibarr.fr/forum/11-suggestionsnouvelles-fonctionnalites/49379-timesheet-vue-pour-les-projets) but this one will be for the non french speakers.

Dolistore: https://www.dolistore.com/en/project-and-collaborative/419-Timesheet.html

If this module is not supported in your language don’t hesitate to send me the lang file.

Best regards

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Thank you delcroip !!

Here is the spanish lang.

Only one thing, when I go and activate the module, the tittle in the table shown with different options, can´t be translated with the lang file, is showed in french.

Regards, and thank you for your share again.

Pièces jointes :

Thanks you

I will add this lang file to the module and check the issue you mentioned.

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There is new timesheet version (1.4) and I don’t know why you didn’t got it on the dolistore, everything should be possible to translate now.


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new file;

Dolibarr language file - es_es - timesheet -Traducido por PlanPc Informatica

Timesheet=Parte de horas
NextWeek=Semana siguiente
PreviousWeek=Semana previa
GoToDate= Ir a
NumberOfTimeSpendModified = Tiempo empleado modificado :
NumberOfTimeSpendCreated = Tiempo empleado añadido :
NumberOfTimeSpendDeleted = Tiempo empleado borrado :
NothingChanged = Nada para cambiar
NoTaskToUpdate = Sin tareas en esta semana
hours = Horas
projectReport= Informe del proyecto
userReport = Inform por usuario
getReport = Crear informe
short = Versión corta
Progress= Progreso
TaskParent= >>>>>>>>>> Parent task
timesheetSetup= >>>>>>>>>> Setup of the timesheet module
hidedraft = Ocultar proyectos borrador
hideDraftDesc= >>>>>>>>>> Hide the tasks related to draft projects
hidezeros = Ocultar 00:00
hideZerosDesc = >>>>>>>>>>>Hide the duration of the task when it’s null (0 or 00:00)
timeType= >>>>>>> unit of time spent
timeTypeDesc= >>>>>>>>>>Show/enter the duration spent on the task per day or per hour
hoursperdays = Numero de hroas por día
hoursPerDaysDesc = >>>>>>Number of working hours per day (used when the duration is display per day)
hideRefDesc =>>>>>> hide or not the refs of the task and project
hideref = >>>>>>hide refs
GeneralOption= >>>>>>>General option
ColumnToShow = >>>>>>>>>>>>>Column to show
ProjectColDesc= >>>>>>>>>>Shows the reference and the project title of the task
TaskParentColDesc =>>>>>>>>> Shows the reference and the label of the parent task if any
TasksColDesc = >>>>>>>>Shows the reference and the label of the task
ProgressColDesc = >>>>>>Shows the progress of the task against the estimated time
DateStartColDesc = >>>>>>>Shows the start date of the task
DateEndColDesc = >>>>>>>Shows the stop date of the task
CompanyColDesc = >>>>>>>Shows the name of the company associated with the project
Company = >>>>>>>>>>Company
notYourWhitelist=>>>>>>this white list entry doesn’t belong to you
noIdPresent= >>>>>>>>>No id present
RecordDeleted = >>>>>>>>>Record deleted
DeleteTimesheetwhitelist = >>>>>>>>>White list entry deleted
Timesheetwhitelist = >>>>>>>>>White list
Subtask =>>>>>>>>> Subtask
ConfirmDeleteTimesheetwhitelist = >>>>>>>>>Are you sure to delete this white list entry ?
RecordDeleted = >>>>>>>>>Record deleted
RecordUpdated= >>>>>>>>>Record updated
RecordSucessfullyCreated = >>>>>>>>>Record created
RecordNotUpdated = >>>>>>>>>Record not updated
RecordNotSucessfullyCreated = >>>>>>>>>Record not created
exportfriendly= >>>>>>>>>Export friendly

How to use the timesheet resulting amount of time spent (on a task / a project) to invoice the total of (hourly rate EURO * time spent) = EURO?

Best regards

Hello Casati,

Today it’s not supported but I already though of it and it’s not that simple as you may want you invoice base on the task or an the “user” hourly price.

My idea was to have a default service Item per task + possibility to have set a service on the task+user level but I am not 100% sure it’s the good approach.

Eventually I will try to implement it but it’s not for tomorrow.

Best regards

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And here comes another one:

(Eventually because my changes in main.lang of Date formats to dd-mm-yy before?)


does not produce a report.

Besides this the drop-down chooser for “months” should contain an empty entry so someone can choose a full year for reporting. Seems a special object is needed instead of the standard one used by you.

Keep up your good work!

Best regards

With 3.8 version: Enable the module “salary”.
So you can define a hourly cost on each user card.
Then each time a user enter a time spent, valuation is done automatically and should be visible into project views.

No need of extra module with 3.8

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Got it!

Some times were disabled, because “no hourly rate was set at the time, the times were recorded”.

Best regards


To me an hourly rate is about cost, not invoicing because I hope that most of the business invoice more than the actual cost of human resources.

I’ll check in details the new funct of the 3.8 before developing anything ( anyway it’s not my focus right now)


In the next release of the module I will try to add “current Year” “all time” value in the drop down list but those report were mainly designed for billing point of view and user follow up, so you might use other tool for your yearly report.

I am currently looking to integrate “Reportico” in Dolibarr, this tool is really powerful, I will post the module in several month but in the meantime it can be installed in stand alone mode on your server.

Best regards


I have made a new version with a big change: N+1 Approval.


but I need the Italian & Spanish trans files

thanks in advance.

Hello delcroip,

I downloaded the last version from your link, theres is an spanish folder with only a few lines without translation, is this the file you need translated?

Please confirm and i´ll send you the spanish version.


Hello Planpc,

indeed I need the english line to be translated and the other might need validation as I used google translate for some, the most up to date file are on the Github and the ZIP was updated ( some bugs fixes)

thanks in advance

Hi guys,

i was trying to install the Timesheet module, following the instructions reported on the Dolistore page of the Timesheet module.
I downloaded the zip file and uncrompressed it in the Dolibarr main folder (C:\dolibarr in my case). So what i see now is a “module_timesheet-1.5” folder under the root of dolibarr (together with “apps”, “bin” and other folders).
When i go under “modules” i can’t see the Timesheet module to activate it.
I’m using Windows 7 64bit and Dolibarr 3.9.0.

Any suggestion? AM i doing something wrong?

Kind regards,


first make sure you unzip it on the correct directory (I have Dolibarr on linux, so I can’t tell if it is the good one), normally you should already have an ‘htdocs’ folder in your main directory along with ‘documents’ and ‘build’

Best regards

when you unzip it you should select ‘extract here’ because it shouldn’t generate a “module_timesheet-1.5” folder but it should add the timesheet folder in the ‘htdocs’ one.


i want to add a new module of attendance in hrm i cant find the location of left menu can u help me my module is simple the user login and will mark his her attendance thats it and i have completed all the work just want to put on hrm
thanks in advance


I d am not sure I got your question but if you simply want to add a left menu in the HR main menu you need:
- to be sure the module enabling the main menu is activated ( safe to set it as a dependence)
- configure the left menu in the module conf file (core/modules/modtMymodule.class.php) here the example from my module:

             $this-\>menu[$r]=array(	'fk_menu'=\>'fk_mainmenu=[b]project[/b],fk_leftmenu=[b]projects[/b]',		   
								'type'=\>'left',			                // This is a Left menu entry
								'langs'=\>'timesheet@timesheet',	        // Lang file to use (without .lang) by module. File must be in langs/code_CODE/ directory.
								'enabled'=\>'$conf-\>timesheet-\>enabled',  // Define condition to show or hide menu entry. Use '$conf-\>mymodule-\>enabled' if entry must be visible if module is enabled. Use '$leftmenu==\'system\'' to show if leftmenu system is selected.
								'perms'=\>'1',			                // Use 'perms'=\>'$user-\>rights-\>mymodule-\>level1-\>level2' if you want your menu with a permission rules

Best regards


If you want to help me translating the module in you language you can do it on this page :

I can create login if needed, for nozw I created a generic one for the Italian.:
login: Italian
mdp: italian


This looks interesting if it allows us to create publishable reports with Dolibarr that is currently missing in Dolibarr. Is this still being worked on?