User is having issue where they have to change password evrytime they login

I have a user on my Dolibarr server that every time they log in I have to reset their password. Otherwise, it will not let them in. It says the password is incorrect even though I know what I changed it to. i am getting tired of using the admin account to change his password for a one-time use. this is the only account it is having issues with. i have no issues with the admin account or any other user.

I was wondering if anyone could help.

Are there any special non ascii characters in username, password, and/or name?

which platform does this happen on? which databse, which php, which dolibarr, desktop or mobile browser?

Which database charset configuration do you use?

the user name is just letters and the password is letters and numbers.
the server is getting run off of Windows and i am running the website off of the Windows fire fox tab
i have tried a different browser and it did not make a difference.

what i don’t understand is that the admin password is 40 characters long and it has numbers and symbols
but the other account has just letters and numbers and it is 12 characters and it does not work.

Any æøå, ü, ô š, … characters in the username, in the real name or the password.

Does it work with a-zA-Z0-9 characters?

What is the difference between that user and the other users?

so the account is just like First last name no crazy characters example byoung
I tried to have it just generate a password and I could only log in once then it would not let the user in.
tested it out with a different user that i just made and i am able to login as many times as i want with the password

the other users are not admin and this account is an admin account

i cant also rebuild the account because it gives me an error
user cannot be deleted. Maybe it is associated to Dolibarr entities.

i am smart i put a extra letter in the username by accident